How Mia Maples built a massive YouTube following

YouTube may have had humble beginnings when it first launched in 2005, but the modern day iteration of the platform hosts uploads of more...

How Jubilee Media creates empathy between humans

Jubilee is a media/news company that focuses on creating empathy between humans. On YouTube, the company posts a multitude of videos of differing setups, people, and focuses.

The Game Theorists puts a twist on gaming content

The Game Theorists is a popular YouTube channel ran by Matthew Patrick (MatPat). The channel currently has 14 million followers. Patrick is a well-versed...

How Elena Taber educates viewers on finances

Elena is a powerhouse. She is a model, YouTuber, social media manager and consultant. Her content covers travel, sustainability, fashion, health & wellness and her life as it happens. Elena provides her fans with an array of content that is uniquely hers to create a community.

Why The Try Guys are successful

The Try Guys create fun videos, trying everything from cooking to cat-sitting.

How Chris Stuckmann uses his passion to run a review channel

Chris Stuckmann is a YouTuber who mainly focuses on reviewing movies, video games and anime. He is a self-proclaimed lover of film, a published author and is certified on Rotten Tomatoes.

How Charles Cornell brilliantly combines comedy with music

YouTuber and jazz musician Charles Cornell seamlessly blends comedy, performance and pop culture.

Turning interests and hobbies into a YouTube channel with Bernadette Banner

When it comes to vintage fashion, it doesn’t get much more authentic, or engaging, than Bernadette Banner. Bernadette Banner is a dress historian who makes...

How to make fun, educational content with AsapSCIENCE

Who would have thought that you would be able to learn so much about science in a fun and comprehensive way on Youtube? With around 9.5 million subscribers, the Youtube channel AsapSCIENCE makes science videos that make sense.

Poppen Atelier: How to turn a unique hobby into a successful...

Poppen Atelier might sound like an impossibly cool celeb's name. It's actually the name of a YouTube channel created by doll-painter, Maryna Tezina.



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