Saturday, May 30, 2020
Stan Prokopenko

How Proko delivers high-quality art instruction on YouTube and beyond

We had the pleasure of chatting with Proko founder, Stan Prokopenko, to get his insights on using YouTube to support his larger art instruction business.
Evelyn from the Internets

Evelyn from the Internets and the art of storytelling

We spoke with Evelyn from the Internets about what it takes to tell a compelling story, and how she is able to do so across multiple channels and platforms.
Photo by Jesse Tam . Remi Ashten kneeling on an ottoman

An interview with Remi Ashten – Personality is queen

Be yourself. We have all heard the saying countless times, but for Remi Ashten Cruz, it's more than a saying; it's her full-time job.

How Sophie Michelle Says finds opportunity and connection on YouTube

Imagine yourself at 13 years old, doing normal teen things — hanging out with friends, having fun pursuing your hobbies, going...

Creating change online: An interview with Riley J. Dennis

On the internet, strong opinions are magnets for trolls, but that hasn't deterred Riley J. Dennis from her efforts to create change online.
Devin hanging outside of a gondola over a lake, shooting with a selfie-stick

Turning Stunts into Profits: An Interview with Devin Super Tramp

If there is anyone who could be called a “YouTube Sensation,” it would be Devin Graham. His wildly successful channel, Devin Super...

Natalie and Tara: Finding your audience on YouTube

Natalie and Tara are the comedic duo behind the YouTube Channel Natalie and Tara Try Things! On their channel, they have built...
Animated version of Ilyssa

Healing through Animation and Shared Experience: An Interview with Ilyssa of...

In the past few years on YouTube, the animation community has blown up with new and exciting artists and storytellers. Among these...
Coyote Peterson and Wolverine

Interview with Coyote Peterson, host of Brave Wilderness

A primary goal of any YouTube channel is to give something to audiences they can’t get anywhere else. For Coyote Peterson, this...
Anna Rothschild

Anna’s Science Magic Show Hooray! Uses the Weird and Gross to...

Anna Rothschild works hard to bring engaging and accurate science information to YouTube. Anna’s science-theme variety show explores topics ranging...

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