The necessity of self-promotion online

It's rare for an audience to grow just organically. You need to put in the work to market and self-promote yourself to experience success.

Digital sharecropping

After the American Civil War, southern states turned to sharecropping to regain some of the profits they lost after the abolition of slavery. Sharecropping is...

The top .06%

Every day, YouTube adds more than 6,300 new channels. Most fail. This might happen for a number of reasons: they gave up, they had...

How YouTube guidelines changed in 2020

YouTube is an incredible platform for video creators, enabling them to reach a far larger audience than they ever thought possible, as well as...

There is no Easy Street

Successful YouTubers tend to place their overall strategies into two categories: make videos for searchers or make videos for repeat viewers. Both have their...

This is why you should be making unboxing videos

Unboxing videos are a great way for you to share a product while engaging with your channel’s audience. If you’ve ever considered recording a...

YouTube’s community guidelines are rooted in its ad-driven business model

Put into place to foster a safe environment viewers and advertisers alike, YouTube has occasionally taken heat from creators who believe their community guidelines...
YouTube Trends: cancel culture

YouTube trends: What is cancel culture?

With all that’s happening on YouTube, we thought it would be good to go over what is trending topics on YouTube and its community of creators and users.

Why you should make reaction videos

What is a Reaction Video? As other trends have come and gone, the genre of reaction videos has endured on YouTube for well over a...

The new culture of live video is here to stay

To those of us who live on the internet live streaming video is nothing new. Yet for the majority of society — certainly for...



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