The need for video is everywhere

In today’s digital age, video is intricately intertwined with our lives and our societies.

Video is the future of education

Films and videos have been used in education systems for decades. In these modern times, though, video is taking on a greater role in...

Everyone has a story to film

Sharing our stories is a critical aspect of being human. In short, it’s one of the most important legacies we can leave for future...

How the Dell Precision workstation helps inspire millions to live life...

Chet Garner loves to surround himself with passionate people and tell their stories to inspire the rest of the world. His Texan-based production company,...

Here’s how Ryan Connolly works on Film Riot remotely with the...

Ryan Connolly, the creator and host of the YouTube Channel Film Riot, always intended for the channel to be a 'just do it yourself'...

We’re all video creators now

Video is more deeply rooted than ever in our society. Considering all that is happening in current times, video communication is now one of the major ways we stay in touch with each other for business and personal contact.

Why you should increase your livestream’s audience engagement

It’s now easier than ever to run your own livestream. All you need is a computer, a web camera and a good internet connection....

The top video collaboration tools you should consider

The current global pandemic has put a spotlight on collaborative working tools as the members of post production teams are required to work remotely...

How to prepare your video and assets for sound design—checklist included!

Hiring a good sound designer to work on your video project is critical to its success. Sound designers are responsible for providing all of...

How to be comfortable in front of a camera

We’ve all heard of some live television blunder or misspeak which is so hilarious that it’s retold over and over for a good laugh....


How to Make a Viral Video

5 Advertising Tricks for YouTube


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