How to respond to YouTube comments

Comments on YouTube are a mixed bag. They can provide valuable feedback, or they can be a source of extreme negativity. Let’s take a look at the best way to manage comments on your videos.

Part-time YouTubers: Is it worth it?

If you can't go all-in on YouTube, is it worth it to upload at all? Let's look at some of the benefits and drawbacks of being a part-time YouTuber.
Woman adjusting a camera to record a vlog

How vlogging has evolved in the past year

Vlogging is a powerful medium. The moment Adam Kontras grabbed a video camera in Los Angeles back in 2000 and began documenting his personal...
close up of computer screen with YouTube page open

Get more views on YouTube with playlists — not skiplists

The world we live in relies on video. This isn't because we are lazy as people; it's because, in the current state, people are...
Girl pulling braids in front of her eyes as if to hide from the camera

Expressing vulnerability on YouTube

YouTube as a platform is built upon a certain level of intimacy between creators and their viewers. But how can we maintain that intimacy...

How your Audience Informs your Vlogging Style

So, you’ve been vlogging for a while and you’re thinking about mixing up your style. We all want to continue growing and...
Canon 6D Mark II Vlogger

Canon — 5 Steps to Upping your Travel Vlog Game

This post is brought to you by Canon and the EOS 6D Mark II. To learn more, visit Being a travel vlogger lets you...

6 Tips to Building a Vlogging Routine Without Burning Out

While Vlogging might look carefree and easy while watching other channels, there’s a lot of work that goes into staying relevant and being consistent,...

How to Tell Stories Using the Daily Vlog Format

Vloggers who embrace the art of storytelling create much more meaningful content for YouTube.As vloggers, we are the heroes of our stories, and we are...

Sharing Personal Milestones Helps Fans Relate to Your Content

Sharing milestones, whether personal or professional, allows fans of your channel to be part of the magic. As a Youtuber, your fans are just...



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