Thursday, April 2, 2020

Warner Chappell claims video that defended them

Warner Chappell claimed a creator's video that defended them in a lawsuit. Warner Chappell tried to take the revenue for a melody they don't have rights to.
YouTube is working on feature to allow creators to sell ad space on videos

YouTube might let you sell ad space on your videos

There’s talk at YouTube headquarters to allow creators to sell ad space on their own videos. It’s an idea that might actually be implemented really soon.
Music labels are taking advantage of YouTube musicians

Music industry rips off YouTube musicians with aggressive claim tactics

Copyright trolling is a real issue and many music labels are looking to rip off YouTube musicians anyway they can, knowing they won’t be challenged.
Imint announces Selfie Mode in use

Imint Vidhance Selfie Mode ensures you stay in frame

The Imint Vidhance Selfie Mode solution claims it will always keep vloggers in frame. Selfie videos can tend to be hard to...

Ninja isn’t helping Mixer grow its audience

It was a huge deal when Mixer stole Twitch’s top streamer Ninja. However, despite landing this huge deal, among others, Mixer isn’t...
Facebook Creator Studio on mobile

Facebook Creator Studio gets mobile companion app

Facebook has announced it is released a mobile version of Creator Studio. It’s been long requested from content creators and now they’re getting it.
Neebs Gaming

Neebs Gaming was hacked by scammers

Another channel on YouTube has fallen victim to hackers. This time it’s Neebs Gaming and they were hijacked by cryptocurrency scammers over the weekend.
YouTube monetization

YouTube tests Viewer Applause monetization feature

YouTube is currently testing a Viewer Applause feature that would allow viewers to donate to creators.
AI app tracking face

YouTube demands AI app to stop collecting facial data

Google and YouTube have just sent a cease-and-desist letter to Clearview AI, demanding the app to stop collecting facial data of people on their platforms.

Scam results in YouTube creator losing his channel

Kennis Russell, who used to own a YouTube channel with over 50K subs, lost his enitre channel because he fell victim to a sponsor scam.

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