How Jubilee Media creates empathy between humans

Jubilee is a media/news company that focuses on creating empathy between humans. On YouTube, the company posts a multitude of videos of differing setups, people, and focuses.

How WheezyWaiter uses expert interviews to make better educational videos

You may think you need to be an expert in your subject area before you can make an educational video. But in reality, all you need is curiosity and some expert insight. Here’s how WheezyWaiter helps us all learn something new together.

How Brad Mondo used YouTube to skyrocket his success

You likely know Brad Mondo from his viral Hairdresser Reacts videos, but his estimated $3 million net-worth comes from more than simply cashing in...

How Mia Maples built a massive YouTube following

YouTube may have had humble beginnings when it first launched in 2005, but the modern day iteration of the platform hosts uploads of more...

Learning from Michelle Phan’s YouTube journey

Michelle Phan is a pioneer in the beauty community and beyond. Her success blazed a trail for a generation of creators. What can we learn from her rise to fame, her hiatus from YouTube and her eventual return?

Poppen Atelier: How to turn a unique hobby into a successful...

Poppen Atelier might sound like an impossibly cool celeb's name. It's actually the name of a YouTube channel created by doll-painter, Maryna Tezina.

Kat Blaque’s unapologetic authenticity drives her success as a creator

For a content creator to prosper, they must embrace outlets such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitch. But while creators need to adapt to...

How Neebs Gaming edits videos to make them funnier (and how...

A brief look at the YouTube landscape makes it clear that gaming has become one of the most popular sectors of online video. Crafting...

iHasCupquake spreads positivity through gaming

iHasCupquake is one of the most popular gaming channels on YouTube. Tiffany Michelle Herrera has worked very hard to grow the channel into what it is today.
Ryan George

Ryan George puts a comedic twist on the pitch meeting formula

Ryan George brings lighthearted fun to YouTube with his refreshing, comedic take on pitch meetings and sketch comedy videos.



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