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TeaSpill – How to run a “gossip” channel

In the world of YouTube, beauty gurus are the celebrities and tea channels are paparazzi. And they are definitely spilling the tea.

OverSimplified: a YouTube empire

OverSimplified is a multi-million viewer educational YouTube channel, with 3.8 million subscribers. The channel has a winning formula that keeps viewers coming back.

Why The Try Guys are successful

The Try Guys create fun videos, trying everything from cooking to cat-sitting.

Poppen Atelier: How to turn a unique hobby into a successful...

Poppen Atelier might sound like an impossibly cool celeb's name. It's actually the name of a YouTube channel created by doll-painter, Maryna Tezina.

How Jubilee Media creates empathy between humans

Jubilee is a media/news company that focuses on creating empathy between humans. On YouTube, the company posts a multitude of videos of differing setups, people, and focuses.
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How Mizkif’s unique approach to collaboration jump-started his career

Known around the internet as the stream who regrets nothing, Mizkif has build his community through collabing with everyone and anyone.

How to make fun, educational content with AsapSCIENCE

Who would have thought that you would be able to learn so much about science in a fun and comprehensive way on Youtube? With around 9.5 million subscribers, the Youtube channel AsapSCIENCE makes science videos that make sense.

Kat Blaque’s unapologetic authenticity drives her success as a creator

For a content creator to prosper, they must embrace outlets such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitch. But while creators need to adapt to...
Marques Brownlee

How Marques Brownlee became YouTube’s top tech reviewer

Marques Brownlee is one of YouTube more influencal creators and is the top tech reviewer on the platform. But how did he get to that top spot?

iHasCupquake spreads positivity through gaming

iHasCupquake is one of the most popular gaming channels on YouTube. Tiffany Michelle Herrera has worked very hard to grow the channel into what it is today.



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