The Game Theorists puts a twist on gaming content

The Game Theorists is a popular YouTube channel ran by Matthew Patrick (MatPat). The channel currently has 14 million followers. Patrick is a well-versed...
Marques Brownlee

How Marques Brownlee became YouTube’s top tech reviewer

Marques Brownlee is one of YouTube more influencal creators and is the top tech reviewer on the platform. But how did he get to that top spot?

How Brad Mondo used YouTube to skyrocket his success

You likely know Brad Mondo from his viral Hairdresser Reacts videos, but his estimated $3 million net-worth comes from more than simply cashing in...
Mizkif featured image

How Mizkif’s unique approach to collaboration jump-started his career

Known around the internet as the stream who regrets nothing, Mizkif has build his community through collabing with everyone and anyone.
Ryan George

Ryan George puts a comedic twist on the pitch meeting formula

Ryan George brings lighthearted fun to YouTube with his refreshing, comedic take on pitch meetings and sketch comedy videos.

How WheezyWaiter uses expert interviews to make better educational videos

You may think you need to be an expert in your subject area before you can make an educational video. But in reality, all you need is curiosity and some expert insight. Here’s how WheezyWaiter helps us all learn something new together.

How to make fun, educational content with AsapSCIENCE

Who would have thought that you would be able to learn so much about science in a fun and comprehensive way on Youtube? With around 9.5 million subscribers, the Youtube channel AsapSCIENCE makes science videos that make sense.

How Elena Taber educates viewers on finances

Elena is a powerhouse. She is a model, YouTuber, social media manager and consultant. Her content covers travel, sustainability, fashion, health & wellness and her life as it happens. Elena provides her fans with an array of content that is uniquely hers to create a community.

Amateur Science: Unlocking Mysteries

Finding a niche on YouTube is the key to a successful channel. Whether it’s makeup tutorials, unboxing new products or reaction videos, a consistent...

Mumbo Jumbo: sticking to one game on YouTube

Variety is an essential tool in growing a YouTube channel. With thousands of new releases every year, gaming channels seemingly have a built-in advantage....


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