Why The Try Guys are successful

The Try Guys create fun videos, trying everything from cooking to cat-sitting.

NICKMERCS and his path to streaming success

NICKMERCS has found success balancing his content between both Twitch and YouTube. Let's take a look at his journey and how his story might inspire other content creators.

How to make fun, educational content with AsapSCIENCE

Who would have thought that you would be able to learn so much about science in a fun and comprehensive way on Youtube? With around 9.5 million subscribers, the Youtube channel AsapSCIENCE makes science videos that make sense.

How WheezyWaiter uses expert interviews to make better educational videos

You may think you need to be an expert in your subject area before you can make an educational video. But in reality, all you need is curiosity and some expert insight. Here’s how WheezyWaiter helps us all learn something new together.

Learning from Michelle Phan’s YouTube journey

Michelle Phan is a pioneer in the beauty community and beyond. Her success blazed a trail for a generation of creators. What can we learn from her rise to fame, her hiatus from YouTube and her eventual return?

OverSimplified: a YouTube empire

OverSimplified is a multi-million viewer educational YouTube channel, with 3.8 million subscribers. The channel has a winning formula that keeps viewers coming back.

How Mia Maples built a massive YouTube following

YouTube may have had humble beginnings when it first launched in 2005, but the modern day iteration of the platform hosts uploads of more...

The Game Theorists puts a twist on gaming content

The Game Theorists is a popular YouTube channel ran by Matthew Patrick (MatPat). The channel currently has 14 million followers. Patrick is a well-versed...

How Charles Cornell brilliantly combines comedy with music

YouTuber and jazz musician Charles Cornell seamlessly blends comedy, performance and pop culture.
YouTube channel JerryPop mixes ASMR with miniature cooking

JerryPop has a fresh take on miniature cooking videos

JerryPop is a YouTube channel that incorporates two niche cetegories on the platform: miniature cooking and ASMR. Here's how it was able to mix the two.


How to Make a Viral Video

5 Advertising Tricks for YouTube


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