In the journey of creating content for your YouTube or even Twitch channel, there are numerous ways to go about it. There are definitely some more sure-fire ways to reach success on the platform. When looking at Chris Stuckmann’s channel, it seems he knew what to do from the very beginning.

We’re taking a look at Chris Stuckmann’s channel to see what sets him apart and what he has done to achieve success on YouTube.

Who is Chris Stuckmann?

Chris Stuckmann is a YouTuber who mainly focuses on reviewing movies, video games and anime. He is a self-proclaimed lover of film, a published author and is certified on Rotten Tomatoes. He has posted 1,529 videos and has 1.88 million subscribers with a career on YouTube that spans over a decade.

A look at his channel

The first notable thing about Chris’s channel is his thumbnails. He uses bold color, graphics and fonts that definitely catch your attention. The titles are fairly straightforward, typically following the same format, “[Movie Title] – Movie Review.” Viewers know exactly what they’re getting themselves into. His intro features some graphics, including an explosion followed by his name.

Upon watching the actual video, Chris gives you a quick blurb on the film, which comes with a witty remark. Then he jumps into a more profound synopsis of the film leading up to his reasons for liking or not liking the film. In many cases, he does this without giving any spoilers unless the film has already been out for a while. He also has an appealing background setup, which features bookshelves filled with movies and blue backlights.

By the end, he has delivered a humorous, smooth and comprehensive review. From our standpoint, it shows how much he loves film. Ultimately, you are greatly informed enough by his reviews that you know what you are getting into. All of this is wrapped up in a bow as he gives his famous last line, “Thank you guys for watching, and like always, you can click right here and get Stuckmannized!” 

Furthermore, his consistency on the platform is noteworthy — he typically uploads at least 5 videos a month, but oftentimes it’s more. Posting regularly over time definitely gets you noticed and is a primary key to success on the YouTube platform. The number of views on his videos consistently hits hundreds of thousands and his videos have a great amount of engagement from viewers.

A film expert

With all of those parts, it is clear Chris Stuckmann has developed his YouTube persona over his time on YouTube, but if we had to pinpoint what makes his reviews unique, it is his love of film and the genre. This love is clearly reflected in his reviews. It is evident that he knows what information is important to share and what elements to break down. When looking over the types of movies he reviews, his enthusiasm for film becomes even more evident. His movie reviews cover a wide range of genres, from horror to comedy.

His reviews don’t only talk about surface elements from the film. As he is a guy who knows what he is talking about, he can point out what truly makes a great film. Having done this for more than ten years without any visible break, he should be considered an expert. This is why we think people come to Stuckmann’s channel — to see his take on any film, helping the viewer sidestep any rotten tomatoes. 

Going against the grain

Chris Stuckmann’s pursuit of filmmaking and creating these views didn’t come easily. In a video titled, “How I Left the Jehovah’s Witness to Pursue Filmmaking,” he chronicled life as a Jehovah’s Witness and how that lifestyle affected his pursuit of filmmaking. He was forced by elders of his church to take down his first film review page. This near hour-long video further shows a personal determination amidst severe turmoil to do what he loves to watch and review films. 

Why Chris Stuckmann is awesome

Most YouTubers don’t have to face such opposition to create the content they desire, so his dedication and determination is admirable. What can be learned from Chris Stuckmann’s channel is no matter the content you decide to create, consistency is essential. It’s also key to create and share content that you are passionate about. Posting on a regular schedule and using thumbnails with trending titles would be a secondary element and essential to help keep you visible. Yet if this channel can attest to anything, it is a specific desire to create and do it to your heart’s content.

In the end, we found Chris Stuckmann’s channel to be fun, engaging and highly enjoyable. His life story, though, maybe the more compelling story on how one works through life’s obstacles to do the things one loves.

Image Courtesy: “Hoosiers – Movie Review” – Chris Stuckmann