Elena Taber is a 24-year-old YouTuber living in New York. She is nearing 600K subscribers on YouTube and has over 100K followers on Instagram. She started her channel in January 2015. Elena found success through her creative skill and ability to tell stories. What stands out the most is her passion for finance and educating younger viewers on how to make financial decisions.  

What she does

Elena is a powerhouse. She is a model, YouTuber, social media manager and consultant. Her content covers travel, sustainability, fashion, health and wellness and her life as it happens. Elena provides her fans with an array of content that is uniquely hers to create a community. She is the quintessential millennial influencer trying to spark a positive change in the world through creation. 

What stands out about Elena is her content on finances. She feels there isn’t enough female representation in the financial space. She also fulfills a need to educate millennials and Gen Z on different aspects of finance. Thus, she fills two gaps in the space as a young millennial female.


Elena Taber is from Southern California and prides herself as “a Californian at heart.” She moved to Paris when she was 18 by herself, which sparked the travel in her channel five years ago. She then returned to California to receive a degree in business. Then she moved to New York City a couple of years ago. Elena has a great ability to tell stories about every place she lives and visits.


Elena has a unique aesthetic that has come a long way since the beginning. Her first video, Black on Black Lookbook, is on the simpler side of editing. The most recent videos are much sharper in editing and it is apparent that Elena has become a professional. 

Elena’s thumbnails, title screens, music, filming styles and pace of her videos are well-crafted. Her style is crisp, raw, urban with the right amount of dreamscape montages. 

Elena’s title screens differ depending on the subject of the video. For her vlog style videos, she utilizes film footage to give off an authentic vintage look. For her more informational videos she uses animated text on appealing earth tone backgrounds. Elena also uses film flares to transition her videos. 

The music that drives most of her informational videos is commonly a lofi jazz mix, which creates a calming atmosphere to focus on. With her vlog and travel videos, the music seems to lean more towards indie-rock. 

Creator Handbook tip:
Having an intro prepares your audience for what’s to come in your video.


Elena currently has 10 different playlists that categorize her content. Some of the categories include lifestyle & vlogs, beauty & favorites, navigating your 20’s, health & fitness, (sustainable) fashion & thrift and travel. Obviously, she hits a multitude of subjects with her personal touch. Each category has its own feel and purpose. 

Financial Education

Elena Taber recently began new development within her channel with a focus on finances. She has two playlists that talk money, Buzzed In and Financial Education

Buzzed In is a series where Elena tours various New Yorkers’ apartments and talks about the value of each. This series is great for people who may be trying to gauge what it cost as well as what it looks like to live in New York. In the titles of these videos, she lists the price of them so you know right off that bat. She also talks about the neighborhoods, giving some brief history and the current climate of them. With this series, she gives these New Yorkers her platform to speak about their living space and how they came to be there. 

The financial education playlist is geared towards young adults in the hope to become more financially literate. Elena starts most of these videos by saying young people are not taught how to deal with their money responsibly or at all. Elena is not a financial advisor but an educated friend who wants you to be on top of your finances. As she says “Financial freedom is the ultimate form of self-care”. 

This series covers investing, saving and budgeting along with common spending mistakes. Being that Elena is in her 20’s she is able to relate to her age group with ease. She gives off an energy of compassion for others to succeed.

How is Elena so successful?

There are millions of channels with content much like Elena’s but, her natural skill with the camera sets her apart. She is likable. She comes from a generation that grew up on the internet which inherently gives her a great understanding of her audience and platform. Living in media hubs like Southern California and New York City allows her to channel to be a part of a highly creative environment. 

Lastly, Elena Taber has such a kind and inviting personality that makes viewers want to support her. She makes her fans feel important and they can see Elena as one of their friends. Elena Taber will continue to exude positivity and appreciation for her surroundings. Her drive to capture the experience of life to the fullest will bode much success in the future.

Image courtesy: Elena Taber – How to Take Control of Your Money