When it comes to gaming content on YouTube, there are hundreds of channels to sift through, and you can find content for just about any game you can think of. Just like any other niche on the platform, there are smaller channels, some considerably large ones, and then there are the big dogs. One of the largest and most successful gaming channels is VanossGaming. Evan Fong, the man behind the channel, has amassed a staggering 25 million subscribers in his ten years on YouTube. 

So, what makes Evan Fong and VanossGaming successful? Well, there are several reasons Evan has a large following. So, let’s break it down. 

Multiplayer gaming creates hilarious content

When it comes down to it, Evan Fong is just a dude gaming with his friends. Most of the content on the VanossGaming channel includes multiplayer gameplay. There is never a dull moment in Fong’s videos, that’s for sure. He and his friends chat and joke while playing games such as Minecraft, Apex Legends, Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto. 

Evan games consistently with other creators, including H20Delirious, Moo Snuckel, I AM WILDCAT, Daiti De Nolga and others. When watching his videos, it’s evident that he and his friends have created a special camaraderie, which makes the content even more enjoyable to watch.

While watching creators play solo is fun, it isn’t quite the same as watching and listening to a group of people playing a game together. The multiplayer format creates more opportunities for reactions, commentary and jokes. Most people that game, particularly in the MMORPG format, are playing with their friends and doing the same thing. So his videos are relatable to a large portion of his viewers.

Not to mention, playing in the multiplayer format is also a form of collaboration. The people Evan games with also have large followings. By associating himself with these gamers, he also puts his name out there for their audiences. In gaming with other creators, Evan has the opportunity to expand his channel even further. 

Evan Fong definitely leverages the multiplayer format to his advantage, and it’s one of the reasons VanossGaming is so successful.  

Evan Fong reaches a wide range of gamers

When you head over to VanossGaming on YouTube, you’ll notice Evan Fong plays a wide range of games.

Now, there is often the question of whether or not gamers on YouTube and Twitch should stick to one game or multiple. Focusing your energy on one game can be beneficial, especially if you are an exceptional player. Your expertise and excellent gameplay can draw in a large audience.

However, some channels successfully garner a large audience by playing a wide range of games. This is what Evan has done with VanossGaming.

Some of the games Evan plays include Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Minecraft, Apex Legends, Far Cry and more.

Including a range of games on a gaming channel has multiple benefits. First, it allows the creator to publish a wide range of content. Sticking to the same game limits this opportunity. Evan’s channel features a wide range of content with different gaming scenarios.

Another benefit to playing a wider range of games is audience reach. If a gamer only plays one game, their audience will consist of gamers playing that same game. So, if a gamer features a range of games on their channel, they will have a wide range of gamers subscribing to their channel.

Other contributing factors to Evan Fong’s success

Beyond the multiplayer format and wide range of content, there are many other reasons VanossGaming is a successful channel. 

When you head to Evan’s page, you’re met with nothing but consistency. His thumbnails are bright and eye-catching, with a rainbow backdrop and fun graphics. These are sure to grab the attention of someone sifting through a search. His titles are simple, but they are effective. His videos are also well edited.

Evan is also consistent with his uploading. He consistently posts to his channel every two or three days, so there is always something new to watch on his channel. Maintaining a consistent upload schedule is critical to leveraging success on YouTube. Pushing out content on a consistent schedule relays well to audiences, as they know when to expect content from you. Uploading frequently is even better, so long as the quality is there. Evan manages to meet these criteria consistently, which is another big reason he is so successful.

Evan has also built a positive community of followers that continues to grow, which is somewhat unusual in the gaming community. Many fanbases of large gaming channels can get quite intense. However, Evan manages to create a fun and laid-back environment for his subscribers, and you can see that in the comment section of his videos. Maintaining this type of audience makes him more appealing to potential followers.

The secret sauce

In ten years, Evan Fong built a following of over 25 million subscribers. Clearly, he’s done something right. For Evan, the keys to success are multiplayer gameplay, quality content, consistency and positive community building. For those looking to build a gaming channel on YouTube, it might be worth following in his footsteps.