The Try Guys are YouTube sensations whose channel amassed over 7.51 million subscribers in just two years. The quartet posted its first video in the summer of 2018. Their videos feature them trying everything from food to sports.

The first try

The group was not new to the world of YouTube, as they assembled through Buzzfeed before branching out as an independent production company, 2nd Try LLC. They had six consecutive seasons on Buzzfeed. Their first video was the Guys Try On Ladies Underwear For The First Time in 2014 with over 22 million views. Out of the gate, they tried something intriguing, goofy and friendly. 

Members Keith, Ned, Zach and Eugene — all best friends — are your common goofy guys, which is their main draw. They are the kind of guys that are so passionate about their comical hobbies that you just adore them. A strong relationship between the group is key to keeping their audience engaged in their brand. 

The Try Guys way

The Try Guys videos cover all forms of trying, making, eating, doing, playing and simply experiencing a range of activities. Their most popular video is of the guys getting their bones cracked, which is oddly satisfying. It has 23 million views. The outlook of most videos is doing whatever it is for the first time. The guy’s reactions are naturally authentic in almost every video.

Each of the guys gets their own videos from time to time to express their individual personalities. Keith has a collection of videos where he eats everything from restaurants. Eugene has a collection of judging various topics, like Cheap American Beer. These specific episodes are neatly organized into playlists making them easier to find. 

Featuring guests

The Try Guys also feature many different types of people through their content like their wives, professionals and YouTubers. These guests keep the channel fun and allow viewers to see the guys interact with others. Involving guests solidifies the guy’s genuine nature and also has the means to grow the channel to other audiences. 

Quality content

The range in which they present is vast. Although most of their videos are humorous they also have the means to produce videos like I’m Gay, a video released a year ago as apart of Eugense’s coming out story. The production style of this video is driven by music with beautiful visuals about a journey of being gay. Eugene wrote, directed and choreographed the entire production. The production is not humorous but empowering and speaks to a wide community about what the Try Guys stand for.

Aside from empowerment, the guys are animated and make every video worthwhile. They are people you feel like you know and trust. Their channel is light-hearted, curious, inclusive and positive. 

Editing Style

When it comes to the editing of their videos, they regularly have different editors for each video. Every video is sharply cut together and is well thought out, with planned graphics that add to the focus. For example in a recent video, The Try Guys Wear 1800s Bridgerton Dresses, for title screens that indicate a new segment they use time period visuals to add to the regency era theme. In this video, they also give a brief history of the regency era and incorporate a clip from Pride & Prejudice. These editing choices keep the viewers actively engaged and give valuable information. The hashtag #BehindTheTry compiles their videos and others they are involved in. 

Organization & continuity

Another strong attribute of their channel is the continuity of their thumbnails and titles. Titles always clearly describe what will be happening in each video. Their thumbnails also help you visualize what will be happening in the video. Looking even deeper in the thumbnails, facial expressions can give an audience a clue as to the guy’s attitude towards a subject of a video.  

The TryPod

About a year ago, the guys launched their podcast, The TryPod. Each episode has thousands of views and clocks in about an hour each. They are nearly their 100th episode. The TryPod gives more access to the beloved guys and their wives. The TryPod channel has three playlists that separate into Highlights, The TryPod and You Can Sit With Us, a series for the Try Wives to have conversions away from the guys. 

The Try Guys became so popular because they have an authentic passion to create for people’s enjoyment. A lesson that can be learned from the Try Guys is to not take yourself too seriously. They teach their audience to be themselves and find joy along with fulfillment in that. To understand the Try Guys mission in their own words fans can watch their recently released documentary.