You likely know Brad Mondo from his viral Hairdresser Reacts videos, but his estimated $3 million net-worth comes from more than simply cashing in on a popular video format. Brad has skillfully leveraged his success on YouTube to launch his own haircare brand, XMONDO Hair, and propel himself to celebrity hairdresser status.

Here’s how he did it.

Hi beautiful

If you need a self-esteem boost, jump into a Brad Mondo video. You’ll be met with a charming smile as he welcomes you with a flattering “Hi beautiful.” The simple greeting highlights one of Brad’s main goals — to help people feel great about themselves and their appearance.

This personal mission unites all of Brad’s business efforts, from his salon work to his YouTube channel to the XMONDO haircare line. Looking back, we can see how this mentality has influenced Brad’s career over the years.

Brad before YouTube

Though he could have pursued any number of creative careers, you could say that Brad Mondo was born to be a hairdresser. Long before his Hairdresser Reacts videos started going viral on YouTube, Brad was already immersed in the world of hair care and styling at his father’s salon.

Interview with Tubefilter

“My dad’s a hairdresser and was a salon owner for most of my life. So I’ve been in the hair world since day one,” Brad revealed in an interview with Tubefilter. He continues, “I loved painting and was fascinated by the fashion, hair, and makeup industry, so I thought what better than to follow my dad’s footsteps and become a hairdresser.”

As a hairdresser, Brad gets to be creative while also helping his clients look and feel their best.

Brad Mondo, entrepreneur

Though he found early success as a hairdresser in New York City, Brad wanted more independence and control over his work. He wanted to be his own boss. Inspired by the success of OG YouTubers like Jenna Marbles, Brad saw the potential creative freedom that comes with building an audience online. This drove him to start an Instagram account in 2013, and in 2015, he launched the Brad Mondo YouTube channel.

Originally, the Brad Mondo channel featured mostly celebrity hairstyle tutorials, drawing from his experience crafting such styles as a hairdresser in NYC. Brad’s channel continued to slowly gained traction through 2017. That’s when Brad hit on his true ticket to success: the reaction video.

Hairdresser Reacts

Brad uploads plenty of make-over and hair tutorial videos, but his Hairdresser Reacts series makes up a huge chunk of the Brad Mondo channel. In these videos, Brad chooses a selection of related DIY hair tutorials covering topics like dying blonde hair red or dramatic and impulsive hair cuts. Some of these at-home stylists are successful. Others are not.

As he watches, Brad mixes playful commentary and critique with practical hair advice. That way, his viewers can avoid the same mistakes and hopefully get better results. His bleached-hair reaction videos have undoubtedly prevented more than a few unplanned buzzcuts.

Despite his overall positive demeanor, Brad Mondo takes a blunt approach to hair advice. He clearly takes hair seriously, even when wearing an outrageous hot pink Balenciaga turtleneck with matching gloves. If a DIY haircut or dye job is about to go horribly wrong, Brad, shocked and dismayed, will tell his viewers exactly why and exactly what they should do differently.

At the same time, Brad is always kind in his critique — never mean-spirited, as some reaction videos can be. His supportive and compassionate nature shines through even as he watches the worst DIY fails. Rather than mocking their mistakes, Brad always tries to offer constructive advice.

But not every DIY hair video is a fail, and Brad won’t miss a chance to celebrate a successful hair transformation. Even without the clickbait of impending hair-disaster, Brad is able to draw in viewers. His excitement is contagious.

Business beyond YouTube

It’s not surprising that Brad’s Hairdresser Reacts series is so successful. The reaction video format allows Brad to show off both is personality and his haircare expertise. There is a built-in curiosity gap for the viewer, which leads to more clicks. Plus, the videos are relatively easy to make, so Brad can upload them in high volume.

All of this also makes his reaction videos an ideal for marketing the XMONDO haircare brand. Fans already trust Brad’s advice, and this gives them added incentive to invest in his products. His pre-existing platform also meant that his products had a greater initial reach than other independent brands could expect. These two factors basically guaranteed a successful brand launch.

Live your extra life

Brad Mondo’s over-the-top personality and reliable hair advice have endeared him to more than 6 million subscribers on YouTube. For many, this would be enough, but Brad’s success extends far beyond the video-sharing platform. With a head for business and marketing, Brad is thriving as a celebrity stylist, YouTuber and founder of XMONDO Hair.

No one can deny that Brad is setting a high bar when it comes to living your extra life.