Sunday, July 12, 2020

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Adobe Products tend to be the industry standard when it comes to editing, but content creators typically exist outside of that sphere. So the question is, what editing software do YouTubers use? Well, there are a few answers to that question. Barely Sociable, who...
YouTube is looking into letting creators compare stats
In the latest YouTube Creator Insider video, developers broke down important key metrics. Those include click-through rate and average view duration.
Google developed a new technology that auto-generates comment replies for YouTube creators. It will help creators to reply to comments much quicker and consistently. According to reports, Google has been working on this technology for four years. Google is calling the technology SmartReply. SmartReply...
Shane Dawson
Shane Dawson has been hit with controversy that could be career-ending. YouTube has suspended monetization on all three of Shane Dawson’s channels.
Byron Bernstein
Byron Bernstein, better known as Reckful on Twitch, was found dead on Thursday at the age of 31. Reportedly, the Twitch streamer committed suicide.

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Twitch will start deleting copyright claimed Clips
To solve the recent wave of Clip copyright claims on the platform, Twitch plans to scan and deleted all copywrite claimed Twitch Clips.
Soon creators will be able to customize their YouTube channels
YouTube has dabbled in the idea of letting creators further customize their channels for a while now. However, nothing has come of that, until now.
Twitch Clips are being claimed for using copyrighted music
Twitch creators have been hit with copyright claims over Clips linked to their channels. Twitch is looking at ways to give creators more control over Clips
There's now a clear guide to YouTube monetization
YouTube has released a guide to better breakdown its monetization guidelines. This is the most transparent YouTube has been about its monetization system.
No matter where you are, you’re likely impacted by the Stay-Home Orders that have been delivered during the pandemic. If you’re an aspiring creator, chances are also good that you’d rather be out in the world making videos and expanding your audience. While it may feel like...