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Instagram has recently made significant changes to its monetization program, ending its Reels Play bonus program.
If your podcast has something special to offer and you can get it in front of the right audience, there’s room for you.
YouTube fires stern warning at ChatGPT team
YouTube warned OpenAI about using YouTube creators' videos to train its AI models, stating it's a "clear violation" of its terms of service.
Twitch lets streamers watch banned users’ content featured image
Twitch has updated its Community Guidelines to allow streamers to react and discuss videos made by banned creators on the platform.
How Discord accidentally got 1.4 billion views on YouTube in 24 hours
Discord shattered the YouTube record for most views in 24 hours. And it turns out that Discord wasn't even trying.

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Let's check out some top strategies from leading channels that can help boost your YouTube subscriber count.
Pirate Software breaks his own Twitch Hype Train record feature image
Game developer Jason Thor Hall, better known as Pirate Software, reached an incredible milestone on April 1st.
NAB 2024 reveals 30-session track for creators
NAB 2024 announced it is placing special focus on content creators with the introduction of the Creator Lab.
YouTube introduces exclusive Shorts for paying subscribers
YouTube has released a premium subscriber-only version of YouTube's Shorts. Now, creators can choose to share Shorts with just members.
YouTube has taken action against Gan Jing World.
YouTube has taken action against Gan Jing World, a Chinese website. YouTube has sent a cease-and-desist notice to this website.