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YouTube playlist
Do you use playlists for your YouTube channel? If not, this is our guide to creating and managing YouTube playlists.
TikTok AI content labeler process feature image
TikTok is enhancing its AI labeler tool in partnership with the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity.
Kick staff admits struggles in content moderation featured image
Kick now admits that it's struggling to moderate content. It has been under fire for moderation decisions that seem unprofessional to creators.
Meta is investing in AI to match brands with creators featured image
Meta is currently looking at is an AI-powered matchmaker tool to help brands find the perfect creators for their campaigns.
OpenAI plans to give creator more control over their copyright when training AI featured image
OpenAI, the creator of ChatPGT is launching "Media Manager” to address copyright issues and protect the creations of creators.

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TikTok and UMG has settled licensing agreement featured image
TikTok and Universal Music Group (UMG) have sorted out their differences and have reached a new music licensing agreement.
Ever wonder how the richest YouTubers built their fortunes? We'll tell you how and help you use their tactics to earn more money.
TikTok is suing the United States to save itself from ban
TikTok is filing a lawsuit against the United States of America over the potential TikTok ban, stating it violates the U.S. Constitution.
Meta rolls out new monetization program for Threads
Meta just announced that it's pushing for original posts on Instagram and it's launching a new bonus program on Threads.
Anthony Vella
Anthony Vella, known for his paragliding content on YouTube, lost control of his BGD Luna 3 at the height of 80 to 100 ft.