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Short-form video is everywhere and brands are battling to become the go-to short-form video platform. Which one will come out on top?
Twitch ADayOffTwitch
Despite all the expectations, the ADayOffTwitch protest appears to have made a noticeable dent in Twitch’s viewership.
Twitter unveiled a new way to make money on the platform. Now, U.S.-based creators can tweet paywalled tweets using Super Follows.
ADayOffTwitch Twitch featured image
Streamers are taking today off from Twitch today to bring attention to hate Raids targeting marginalized streamers on the platform.
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Choosing where to stream can be challenging. Here's a helpful guide for deciding between the two top streaming platforms — Twitch vs. YouTube.

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TikTok virtual reality
TikTok is taking its first steps into virtual reality, having just acquired Chinese virtual reality headset manufacturer Pico.
Ticketed Spaces feature art
Twitter's currently accepting applications from US iSO users to test out its new monetization feature for Twitter Spaces: Ticketed Spaces.
Best time to post on TikTok feature image
When you post your TikTok makes a difference in the video's success. Here's how to determine when the best time to post on TikTok is.
After the American Civil War, southern states turned to sharecropping to regain some of the profits they lost after the abolition of slavery. Sharecropping is an arrangement between landowners and farmers, where, in lieu of rent, landowners require tenants to pay for land usage by farming it and sharing profits...
OnlyFans is reversing its ban on porn. Though the ban won't come into effect now, much damage has been done to the platform's adult creators.


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