Saturday, August 15, 2020
Woman adjusting a camera to record a vlog

How vlogging has evolved in the past year

Vlogging is a powerful medium. The moment Adam Kontras grabbed a video camera in Los Angeles back in 2000 and began documenting...
A couple with suitcases running and holding hands

Personality can trump expertise on YouTube

You don’t have to be an expert to succeed on YouTube.
Generic YouTube copyright notice

How to avoid copyright strikes on curated content

Over the years, creators have developed ways to share content without receiving that dreaded copyright strike notification.
chef in the kitchen addressing the camera while making an instructional video

Instructional videos: Designing concise content

Once you identify your unique teaching topic, you will need to produce instructional videos that keep the interest of your viewers.
close up of computer screen with YouTube page open

Get more views on YouTube with playlists — not skiplists

The world we live in relies on video. This isn't because we are lazy as people; it's because, in the current...
Rachel Nguyen TEN DAYS IN PARIS VLOG #1 thumbnail

How to add a weekly vlog to your beauty channel

There are lots of ways to add content to your beauty-themed channel, but one of the best options for building connection...
PurgeGamers - Purge Plays Ability Draft Medusa

Educating gamers: Turn your channel into a resource for players

With the wealth of video game-focused YouTube channels available, it may seem difficult to make yours standout. As more competitive, skill-based games launch, there’s an ever-growing audience for educational gaming content to help players improve. Tapping into this market can be an excellent path to growth.
woman at computer with drawing tablet

How to succeed as an animator on YouTube

As an animator, it’s tough to compete with vloggers and gaming channels that post new content daily. Here are a few...
Man at a computer with a woman talking to a camera in the foreground

How to add live streaming to your YouTube strategy

Live video content is quickly becoming more prominent across all social media platforms. With all the buzz, you may be asking; Should I livestream?
man in the process of constructing a surfboard

How to promote your product on YouTube

When you’re working to release a new product, marketing is a huge challenge. With that in mind, one of the best...

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