In a nutshell:

  • You can feature YouTube channels on your channel to build a community and improve your presence on the platform
  • Featuring channels also allows you to promote your alternative channels
  • Unfortunately, YouTube mobile app doesn’t have the option to add featured channels to your account.

YouTube offers a way for you to feature other channels on your own channel. This is not only a great way to get your name out there, but it can also help build bridges with other YouTubers. Let’s take a look at what the Feature tool is and how you can use it.

Featured channels are channels that you want to promote on your channel and are found on your YouTube page alongside videos, playlists and community posts.

It’s important to note that featuring channels is totally optional, so not every channel will have them. Those who do may have several reasons why they would want to feature a channel on their home page. It may be due to an agreement to help both your channels grow. It could also be as simple as you enjoy their content and wanting your audience to check them out.

Why should content creators feature channels?

To promote your alternative channels

While it’s great to promote other YouTubers in your circle, you can also feature your other channels on YouTube, like a VODs or Shorts channel. For instance, if you stream on Twitch and post your full streams to a separate YouTube channel from your main one, you can feature your Twitch VODs channel in your main YouTube channel. The same goes if you have a dedicated Shorts channel. You can post your short clips to a separate channel and feature that channel on your main account.

To verify which channels are yours

Featuring your alternative accounts in a featured channels list also helps your audience know which accounts are legitimately yours. YouTube is filled to the brim with copycat clip channels. These channels will usually take clips from creators’ streams or videos and post them to their own channels. Some clippers even make copycat channels where they pretend as the creators’ channel, which, unfortunately, takes views away from the creator. Aside from other actions that prohibit them from doing this, featuring your other channels on your featured list will confirm which are yours.

To build your community

Another advantage of using the featured channels option is to build your community on YouTube. Having a tight-knit community is essential for creators, especially for those who are just starting out. Reaching out to creators in the same community as you will benefit both parties, and featuring them on your channel is a great way to expose your audience to them. It would be just as great if they returned the favor. This will increase your presence on YouTube, exposing your channel to a new audience that may be interested in your content.

How to feature a channel on YouTube

Featuring a channel on YouTube is pretty easy. However, before you start, make sure you have all the names of the channels you’re going to feature so that adding them to the list will go smoothly.

On desktop

  1. Sign in to your YouTube account
  2. Click your profile in the upper right corner
  3. Go to YouTube Studio. This will bring you to your channel’s home page
  4. Scroll down on the left menu and choose Customization
  5. Under Featured sections, click the Add section
  6. The Add section button will give you different options, scroll down and choose Featured channels
  7. A popup box will show. Fill out all the necessary details
  8. Fill out the Section title with the name of the channel you want to feature. For example, if you want to add cooking channels, you can name the section with a name that’s cooking related
  9. Enter the names of channels you want to add to your featured list

You’re now done. If you want to edit the section contents or remove it, click the three-circle icon and choose what you want to do with the list.

Unfortunately, YouTube mobile doesn’t have the option to add channels to your featured list.

YouTube doesn’t allow you to feature channels on your account if it is empty. So, if you want to feature channels, you must have content first. If you’re not ready to post, you can make playlists. Pick videos that match your branding and interests and add them to a playlist.

When considering what channels to feature, always consider your audience. It would be counterproductive if you feature channels that don’t fit your target demographics. It is also best if the channels are active in posting high-quality content and have an audience that may be interested in your content. That way if you feature a creator, they may do the same for you on their channel and encourage their audience to check your channel out.

Featured lists allow you to expand your horizon. Meet other creators and build bridges with them. Making use of the featured list allows you to tap into their audiences without having to collaborate with them in the form of content. Striking a deal to feature each other on your channels is a win-win situation. Just make sure you connect with creators you vibe with and feature channels that your subscribers will enjoy.