Twitch is becoming a leading video streaming service. Because of this, turning a profit as a streamer is becoming more attainable. Large scale streamers like Ninja earn millions on the platform. Making millions is surely not the norm for most streamers, but making a portion of that would be valuable to most. If you stream on the platform, you can build a following and start making money on Twitch. 

Build a following 

Streamers do not need millions of followers to make a profit from Twitch but, they do need at least 50 subscribers. An audience is the most essential piece to making a profit from Twitch. Having subscribers opens the door to more subscribers, and so on and so forth.

Building an audience can be daunting. Twitch is a social platform firstly, then comes the streaming. People want to follow creators they connect with. To organically grow your audience you should be as authentically yourself as can be, so don’t hold back. Show your personality through your interests you choose to stream. It will be beneficial down the line if you start out authentically to avoid burnout. 

Be sure to engage with viewers. Streamers can engage with their audience in multiple ways. They can reply to a comment, ask a question during a stream, give shoutouts and much more. Communities created on Twitch are what keeps the platform alive and active. Your audience is a great indicator of what’s working and what’s not with your stream. Plus, they can spark new ideas for future streams. Giving your viewer what they want is the best way to keep them watching and wanting to support you. 

Interacting with other streams or streamers with an ample following is another way to open up your stream to new viewers. Other streamers can raid your channel which sends their viewer to your stream when their stream ends. In short, connecting to the Twitch community is key to not only your success, but also to making money on Twitch. 

Making money in the beginning

Making money on Twitch when starting out is rare. It will take time. The goal is to become an affiliate, which is a streamer who is recognized by the platform and qualifies to receive an income from streaming. There are other ways to receive funds before a streamer is able to become an affiliate, however. There are simple donations, selling merch and partnerships with brands.  


Asking for donations can feel uncomfortable but may very well be worth it. Being that streaming takes time, money and effort, receiving donations can be integral to keep the channel going.

Streamers may link a money transfer app like Paypal to Streamlabs. You can ask for donations more subtly with this method. 


Brands may reach out to you if they see a potential gain for their company. If brands do not reach out to you it will not hurt to reach out to them as well. When starting out, working with smaller companies may be a good start. This method can help both the streamer and the company build an audience. It is logical to work with companies that you truly align with to show the authenticity of your work. 

Selling Merch

Creating and selling merchandise is yet another way to start making money on Twitch quickly. When building a following, selling personalized merch solidifies your stream or brand. There are many companies and services that make and sell merch for creators. There are a ton of services that produce, ship and offer customer service for creators. The creator’s main job is to think up what logo or image would be for their brand. Selling merch with one of these services usually offers creators a portion of the sales. If the merch sells, creators will begin to turn a profit. 

Become an Affiliate 

Being an affiliate isn’t the only way to start making money on Twitch, but it is the only way to monetize your channel. Twitch lays out how channels may qualify for the program. Some of the eligibility requirements include having 50 followers and 500 minutes of streaming the last 30 days. After becoming an affiliate, streamers are able to earn money with subscriptions, bits and ads. 


Your audience may subscribe to your channel for a price. Your subscriber will get special benefits such as ad-free watching. Subscriptions are one of the main forms streamers collect revenue from Twitch. The more subscribers you have, the more money you make. The prices for subscriptions are $4.99, $9.99, $24.99, as well as a partnership between Amazon Prime and Twitch that offers members a new channel subscription for free every 30 days. The tiered subscription systems offer more benefits to those who pay for a higher tier.


Bits are a digital form of revenue for viewers to show support to streamers. Twitch affiliates can add cheer to their channels so viewers may show support without leaving the stream. Bits sell to supporters from 100 Bits at $1.40 to 25,000 Bits at $250. Bits can take multiple forms such as animated gem emotes and Cheermotes. Affiliates get a share of the revenue when Bits are Cheered. 

Running Ads

Having money to pay for Bits or subscriptions may not be an option for all of your viewers. Running ads is easy for people who don’t have expendable money to show support. Running ads builds consistency with your audience while also allowing streamers to get a break. Being transparent to your audience when ads are coming is a great repertoire to have in order to build trust. It is studied by Twitch that spreading your ads throughout a stream will likely give you the most viewership generating ad revenue. Nightbot or Moobot are services that will automatically run ads for creators so they don’t have to do it manually. 

Become a Partner

When you become an established streamer, you’ll probably soon be eligible to become a partner. Twitch partners are more in control of their finances Twitch than affiliates are, meaning they have more paths to continue making money on Twitch. Partners also receive a channel badge to signify they are the top streamers on the platform. Some of the requirements to become a partner are at least 25 hours of streaming in the past 30 days and 75 average viewers in the last 30 days. 

Keep streaming

If you are passionate about streaming, then keep crafting your skill. Compensation will not come quickly. The passion for streaming should come first without the thought of revenue. Turning profit from streaming is hard work and time-intensive, keep that in mind. If you stay authentic to your stream and build your community, some form of revenue shall come.