Saturday, August 15, 2020

The benefits of ditching traditional ads on your channel

Ads, via Adsense, on YouTube channels have long been the primary source of revenue for content creators. The rise of subscription programming,...

How to turn board game night into a live stream event

As tabletop games enjoy a mainstream resurgence, streaming game sessions is shaping up to be a great creative endeavor to pursue. That...

The What and how of YouTube Premieres

Introduced in 2018, YouTube’s live Premieres feature allows creators to host streams at the launch of new content. Premieres plays videos as...

Part-time YouTubers: Is it worth it?

If you can't go all-in on YouTube, is it worth it to upload at all? Let's look at some of the benefits and drawbacks of being a part-time YouTuber.

How to get that overhead shot for your tutorial videos

No matter your niche, understanding how to get that perfect overhead shot is indispensable knowledge for your creative toolkit.

5 Lessons from Unbox Therapy

Unbox Therapy is not the only YouTube channel that appraises and evaluates current technology in the trending...

The YouTube beauty genre: An incomplete history

It may feel silly to survey the history of a website that's only around fourteen years old. However, the beauty genre of...

How to use the new Squad Stream feature on Twitch

Twitch Squad Streaming is a new feature announced by Twitch in 2018 and released in 2019. It allows multiple Twitch streamers, at...

What is IRL streaming?

One of the latest developments in the ever-expanding world of digital content categories is the trend of IRL streaming. Still a genre...
influencer taking a photo of food with a smartphone

Sponsored content: Important dos and don’ts

Sponsored content is a great way to earn extra money for your channel. In fact, they can even work as an alternative...

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