In a nutshell:

  • Blocking a YouTube channel is not similar to blocking users on other social media platforms; viewers can still see your channel in search results
  • Blocking prevents videos from being fed to you by YouTube’s algorithm
  • You can unblock channels at any time

When your Youtube recommendations page becomes populated with channels you don’t want to see, or there are users that are harassing you in your videos’ comment sections, it’s probably time to block them. This article will show you how to block channels on YouTube and how to unblock those channels if you later change your mind.

Blocking on YouTube isn’t blocking like on Facebook or other social media sites

First, you have to take note that blocking on YouTube doesn’t work like other social media platforms. When you block users on Facebook or Twitter, you won’t see traces of their posts anywhere unless you unblock them. When blocking channels on YouTube, you will still see them in search results or on external sites. Blocking channels improve your YouTube recommendations, so you get more refined video suggestions according to your taste. The channels you block on YouTube won’t have any idea that you block them, as they won’t get any notifications. 

Why might it be good to block a channel?

Blocking channels improves your and viewers’ recommendations. There are channels out there that have toxic content, such as blatantly spreading misinformation and showing content that doesn’t align with your views. Your space on YouTube should make you feel at peace. Blocking channels allow us to discover more channels that are worth our time. Plus, YouTube makes it easier for you to block and unblock channels.

How to make sure your channel isn’t blocked by viewers

If you are actively making content on YouTube, chances are a couple of users might find your channel worthy of being blocked. How do you avoid this?

  • Don’t clickbait: We all hate clickbait, so don’t subject your audience to it. Clickbait misleads viewers into clicking on a video by promising content that isn’t actually in the video. For instance, if you claim that the next Marvel movie is canceled, but in the video you reveal it’s just delayed a few weeks, that’s clickbait, and your audience won’t appreciate it. While clickbait might work if it’s an inside joke and your community’s in on it, if you are downright lying about the content, people are not going to appreciate it. It will hurt your channel; people may even block your channel because of your misleading videos. So, be creative with your thumbnails and titles and keep your clickbaiting within reason. 
  • Focus on the quality of your content: People value authenticity, and they can see through creators who are just doing videos for the views. By producing well-researched content, you will gain a community that appreciates your work. 
  • Know that you can’t please everyone: This is the reality of content creation; you can’t please everyone. Someone out there will not like the content you produce despite your efforts. Whatever reason they have, accept early on that you will have critics and bashers.

How to block channels on YouTube: a step-by-step guide

Using a desktop, do the following to block channels on YouTube:

  1. Open YouTube
  2. Go over the search bar and look for the channel you want to block
  3. Visit the channel’s homepage
  4. Click About, located below their banner
  5. Look for the red icon under Stats
  6. Click Block user. A prompt will show this “Blocking this user will prevent them from commenting on videos you’ve uploaded” how to block channels on YouTube
  7. Make sure you click Submit.
  8. Congrats; you now blocked the channel. Do the same steps on other channels you want to block

You can also block channels on your mobile phones, and it’s just as easy.

  1. Open the YouTube app
  2. Search for the channel you want to block
  3. Once you’re on their channel homepage, click the three dots icon on the top right corner
  4. Click Block User and the same prompt will show as the desktop version
  5. Click Block. You have now blocked a channel via the YouTube mobile app

How do you unblock a YouTube channel?

Unblocking channels is as easy as blocking them. Follow these steps when using a desktop:

  1. Open YouTube
  2. Go over the search bar and look for the channel you want to unblock
  3. Visit the channel’s homepage
  4. Click About located below their banner
  5. Look for the red icon under Stats
  6. Click Unblock user. Do the same steps for the other channels you want to unblock

On your mobile phone, simply follow the steps we provided above for blocking a channel. Visit the channel’s homepage, click the three-dot icon, and click unblock user.

No guilt in blocking YouTube channels

You are free to block any channel that you don’t enjoy. It makes your recommendation page as fresh as possible, freeing up more space for worthy channels that are worth your time. Feel free to block and unblock channels as you see fit.