Staying home for the holidays is going to be a common chorus this winter and we’d like to offer an idea to help you stay busy: Vlogmas! Since its inception in 2011, vloggers everywhere have been challenging themselves to pull off a proper vlogmas during the festive holiday season. The general concept of vlogmas is pretty simple. You should begin on December 1 and post a new holiday-oriented vlog every day until Christmas Eve—December 24.

There are always some competitive types trying to be the first to post anything trendy, though, so don’t be surprised to find a vlogmas or two that started a few days or even a week early. Even though it commonly focuses on Christmas, if you don’t celebrate it, you can host a vlogmas that represents other seasonal holidays instead.

For creators, vlogmas is a great opportunity to refresh your audience’s engagement while creating some much-needed holiday cheer. If you’ve never tried a vlogmas before, we’ll help you get started. If you’ve done it before but just need some fresh inspiration, we’ve got you covered, too.

Capture the vlogmas spirit

The content of your vlogmas videos can be in line with your usual content or a complete divergence. Either way, it should have a holiday spin. For example, if you have a cooking channel, your vlogmas might be a different holiday recipe each day. Educational channels can dive into the origin of various aspects of seasonal traditions. A travel vlogger may host a vlogmas that covers how Christmas is celebrated in different countries. Alternately, if you’ve been hosting a vlogmas for a few years, it might be fun to shift from your usual content and give your viewers a glimpse into your home life instead.

There are a few creators that regularly pop up on the listicles about the best vlogmasers on the web. Samantha Marie (1.76M subscribers) has a separate channel for her vlogs (473K subscribers). She and Zoe Sugg (4.8M subscribers) are great examples of warm vlogmas styles worth emulating.

In 2018, Zoe incorporated an animated vlogmas intro that plays at the beginning of each video. This gives it a sophisticated and intentional edge. Each video is about 15-30 minutes long, depending on the content. Also, each year’s vlogmas videos are tied together in a playlist, making it easy to find—and binge—the sets.

Jingle all the days

Honestly, the hardest part might be coming up with enough topics to create interesting content to keep your vlogmas viewers tuning in. This is a bigger challenge than usual in 2020 since shopping trips and touristy winter events are off the table to respect social distancing. There are still dozens of holiday-inspired ideas that can be combined however you wish.

  • Foods. You can’t go wrong vlogging about foods in December. Consider sharing your own family recipes, explore foodie traditions from other cultures, create a new dessert on several days, then, make your personal favorite holiday dish.
  • Decorations. Trim your tree for a full day of joy and memories. Another day, build a gingerbread house. Find great budget-friendly ideas for your home. Vlog about outdoor decorations. Make DIY ornaments to send to friends and family.
  • Gift shopping. This can be really helpful for your followers during times on mostly online shopping. Create a vlog reviewing the companies you’ve made online purchases from. Rank the pricing, variety, shipping fees, customer service and timely arrival.
  • Gift wrapping. Some people save time and energy with gift bags and printed boxes. Others pour their heart into perfectly crafted hand-made gift wrapping. Whatever you do, make a day of it and then share it in a vlog.
  • Pets. Chances are, you have the world’s most adorable pet (don’t we all?). Incorporate the best ways to show off your pet’s holiday spirit with warm pet sweaters and have a photoshoot. Also, educate viewers on which human foods are not safe for pets.
  • Sight-seeing. Take a drive to see the elaborate outdoor decorations in your city without getting out of the car (hint: a quick online search can help you map out the best nearby displays). Perhaps, if there is snow near enough, go build a snowman.
  • Media. You can vlog about the best or worst holiday movies or make a list of your must-see recommendations. Do the same with holiday music and then create a Spotify playlist that your followers can listen to.
  • And more. For extra ideas, including some hilarious possibilities, the internet doesn’t disappoint. Here’s a list of 50 vlogmas ideas.

The gift that gives back

Let’s face it, there has been a lot of distance and disconnect this year for several reasons. Right now, we should stay home whenever possible during a time that we commonly try to find togetherness. It can be isolating but video can alleviate that and it can keep us busy, too. It gives your followers a glimpse into a more personal side of your life and it gives them a reason to tune in often. Your vlogmas can be whatever you want and — with a little strategy — it can be good for your channel’s growth and engagement while helping your followers feel connected.