Sharing milestones, whether personal or professional, allows fans of your channel to be part of the magic. As a Youtuber, your fans are just as important as anything else. Sharing important moments with them helps them connect with you even more.

When something amazing happens in your life, whether it be a personal goal met or a professional accomplishment, the first thing you usually want to do is share it with the people close to you — a significant other, family members or friends. Some choose to share such moments more publically through the simple act of uploading a video online.

For those who have gone down the road of YouTube vlogging, sharing is a way of life. Vloggers share everything from beauty tips and life lessons to what kind of coffee they had this morning. As your channel grows and you find yourself reaching the goals you’ve set for yourself, that innate feeling of “I want to share this moment” is likely to pop up.

Jenna Marbles used a special announcement video to commemorate her 100th upload to YouTube. The video gave viewers a chance to learn more about her and to look back at her journey up to that point.

When you’re starting out as a vlogger, making your very first video is a landmark in itself. Further down the line, you might consider reaching a specific number of subscribers or getting a million views to be more announcement-worthy. As vloggers, announcing significant events that are related to your vlog to your followers lets them in on your life and makes them feel connected. Fans are the glue that holds a channel together. Without them, a channel collapses — it ceases to exist. As a creator of a channel, you have created an environment for other people with similar experiences to come together. By sharing your progress with your followers, you let them rejoice with you.

There are a couple of ways a creator can go about doing this. Some will take the opportunity to share their life story, like Jenna Marbles, who took the chance to tell her story when she reached her milestone of creating 100 videos. She marked the occasion by talking about where she started — a giraffe and a unicorn — and basic funny facts about her. Her video also contained a slideshow of pictures and funny clips to look back on. This route is a good one because it makes the creator even more relatable to subscribers.

Smosh celebrated reaching 20 million subscribers with a video that featured a few of their fans, making them literally part of the celebration.

In another example, the creators behind the Smosh channel celebrated reaching 20 million subscribers by creating a video to mark the moment. In the video, they included a few of their subscribers who helped make it possible. By doing this, they literally made their viewers part of their channel.

Sharing milestones with fans is not just for vloggers. It is essential to any channel because every channel benefits from connecting with fans. Maybe you are a channel devoted to teaching others how to cook. Perhaps you find yourself moving and getting a new kitchen. By sharing and uploading a video announcing the move, you give your viewers an update and allow them a behind the scenes look at your progress.

Viewers subscribe to your channel to hear what you have to say, and when something good happens, they want to part of your excitement. By sharing personal or professional milestones with your viewers, you have a chance to make a connection with another human being. No matter what occasion you are celebrating, whether small or grand, the viewers who subscribe to your channel want to know; it makes them part of your family. So thank them, share with them, and celebrate.

Smosh celebrated reaching 20 million subscribers with a video that featured a few of their fans, making them literally part of the celebration.

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