While Vlogging might look carefree and easy while watching other channels, there’s a lot of work that goes into staying relevant and being consistent, all without wearing yourself out. If you’re just getting started, we have some handy tips to establish a routine to help prevent the dreaded burnout.

1. Plan ahead

Vlogging may not be a typical production, but many of the processes are the same. This includes making sure you have all necessary equipment, a schedule, individual show topics (or even a rough script), and set/decor dressing.

Additionally, vlogging requires you to plan for planning. If you want to build followers and stay relevant you’ll have research the topics you’re covering. You don’t want to come off as ignorant or uneducated on the things you’re discussing.

As such, make sure you’re planning includes time for regular research. If your vlog is primarily about technology, stay well-versed in the latest advances, recent news, and the history of what’s come before. It’s not the most thrilling part of vlogging, but crucial to your growth and staying on top of things.

2. Record in bulk

A publishing schedule should be established early on. Whether it’s once/twice a week or daily, make sure you stay consistent in posting. Pick a pace you’re confident in maintaining and then make life easier by recording in bulk.

Much like game shows or late night talk shows, it’s helpful to record multiple episodes at a time; providing a ‘bank’ of vlogs you can publish at future dates. While you don’t want to bank them too far in advance and run the risk of posting vlogs with outdated information, recording a week’s worth of episodes in a single session has benefits.

You’re still able to post spontaneous videos (i.e. reactions to breaking news/personal events), but recording in bulk ensures a consistent publishing schedule. If you’re sick or dealing with unexpected problems, knowing you have vlogs ready to upload will alleviate unnecessary stress.

3. Keep notes throughout the day

All vlogs are different — even when tackling similar subjects — since the host’s personality and opinions makes each vlog unique. The thoughts you have on a subject won’t be the same as others, and that’s what you showcase on your vlog. To make this easier when it’s time to record, keep a notepad or your phone handy to write down your ideas whenever they come.

Keeping with the tech vlog example, say you’re reading about a newly announced piece of hardware and a flurry of thoughts pop into your head. These spur of the moment reactions are what your audience is looking for. Jot them down so you can be sure to mention and address them within your next vlog.

Schedule time for researching and reviewing your notes so that you have a deep pool of ideas and knowledge to draw from when you sit down to record.

While it may seem like you have endless things to talk about when you’re getting started, there will be days where you feel dried up on conversation topics. There’s a good chance you had ideas you never recorded. If you wrote them down, revisiting those notes could get you through those dry spells.

4. Maintain your set-up

In most productions, you tear down your whole setup once you’re done recording. For vlogs, however, it’s best to leave everything set up and ready to go. During your planning phase, establish a dedicated space for recording. Figure out your lighting, craft your set and background decor, and get your tripod, camera and mic ready for filming — then leave it be.

Even the simplest setup takes time to put together. Don’t make life harder by having to redo it every time you record. Leave everything laid out so all you have to do is mount your camera and get to work. This time-saver means you’ll have more opportunity to…

Don’t forget to leave time in your schedule for things other than vlogging. Constant recording is a good recipe for vlog burn out.

5. Schedule free time

Everyone, regardless of their profession, requires time to themselves and the chance to relax. There’s a lot of pressure for vloggers, especially those starting to establish their online presence.

Between daily recording, editing, posting, promotional efforts, maintaining social media and constantly researching to stay relevant and consistent for your audience, there’s a lot of work involved. Do this day in and day out for any length of time and burnout won’t be far behind. Whether it’s exploring other hobbies, reading a book, relaxing with friends and family or just vegging out on the couch, give yourself a break from the vlogging grind.

6. Post-help

Post-production can be a time consuming process, even on vlogs. If you want it to look polished you’re going to have to put in some work. Even when recording in bulk to save time, you might spend a full day dedicated solely to editing. Enlisting a separate editor may not be something feasible at first, or even within your first year, but it’s something to keep in mind as you continue to grow.

Following these tips will not only make life a bit easier as you’re starting a vlog, but will also help prevent burnout; keeping the experience enjoyable for you throughout the years.

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  1. Hi Jordan,

    My name is Necie and your tips are Awesome.

    I just started a new channel fibromindset and am looking for way to improve it.

    For now I am recording daily and just like you suggested, will reach out to students at my college for post production assistance.

    Post production assistance is an area I know I need to improve upon. My schedule consists of recording early in the morning or late night. That’s when I feel I am most productive.

    I am also in school and took a course last year on photoshop. My goal is to utilize some of those skills in designing graphics for my channel.

    Looking forward to learning more from you!

    Kind regards,


  2. This is a great article! Even after vlogging for two years and gaining a good audience, there are tips in here that I definitely need to hear!
    As a photographer, I am often travelling and editing not only videos but photos too. It can get really crazy. These tips will help me calm the chaos a bit. I also love the idea of leaving my “at home studio” set up all the time. This will take some brainstorming in my small space but will be well worth it. Thanks!

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