How to organize and store your vlog footage

In today's rapidly evolving world of video, more and more people are taking to vlogging to share and document their lives faster than most...

DIY videos are a fun way to engage with your audience

We've all had that moment. The moment where we had to call a trade smith to fix something we didn't know how to do....

Vlogs: Follow the Drama

YouTube drama channels have been rising in popularity over the past year, with many channels getting millions of views and hosts making a steady...
Canon 6D Mark II Vlogger

Canon — 5 Steps to Upping your Travel Vlog Game

This post is brought to you by Canon and the EOS 6D Mark II. To learn more, visit Being a travel vlogger lets you...

How to Tell Stories Using the Daily Vlog Format

Vloggers who embrace the art of storytelling create much more meaningful content for YouTube.As vloggers, we are the heroes of our stories, and we are...

Part-time YouTubers: Is it worth it?

If you can't go all-in on YouTube, is it worth it to upload at all? Let's look at some of the benefits and drawbacks of being a part-time YouTuber.

4 of the Best Vlogging Collaborations on YouTube (and Why They...

Collaborating with a fellow YouTuber is a great way to increase views and gain a bigger audience. Here are a few collaborations that have...
Woman adjusting a camera to record a vlog

How vlogging has evolved in the past year

Vlogging is a powerful medium. The moment Adam Kontras grabbed a video camera in Los Angeles back in 2000 and began documenting his personal...

How to Create a Vlog without Leaving Your Phone

In the age of YouTube, ordinary people can quickly become celebrities just by posting videos of themselves on a website. To create a vlog...

Sharing Personal Milestones Helps Fans Relate to Your Content

Sharing milestones, whether personal or professional, allows fans of your channel to be part of the magic. As a Youtuber, your fans are just...


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