Wednesday, January 20, 2021
computer with youtube open next to a stack of books on a desk

YouTube vs. Books: Can video compete with text for self-education?

With the proliferation of educational content on YouTube, will written resources eventually become extinct? Let's dig into the YouTube vs. Books debate.
woman watching a video on her iPad while walking in the city

The Commodity of Attention

As YouTubers, we’re not as much in the video business as we’re in the attention business. We use our video-making skills to capture attention,...
Ninja helped propel Fortnite to the top of the gaming charts.

Missteps in the evolution of performative gaming: Outpost Games’ SOS

The gaming community, and streamers in particular, have more influence than ever when it comes to game development — both over individual titles ...
Twitch, YouTube

The only company that can compete head to head with YouTube

Although people have suspected that YouTube’s main competitor would eventually be Facebook — i.e., the other half of the advertising duopoly — the only company poised to seriously...

The Problem of Authenticity for the YouTube Creator

“Be yourself” has become the mantra of YouTube creators everywhere — but what does that actually mean? In 2017, Savannah Brown’s channel went dark. This young adult had...

Logan Paul is Doomed to Be a Maverick Forever

Comments sections are full of speculation about YouTube’s apparent preferential treatment towards Logan Paul. Many have postulated that Logan is a cash cow, a...

Making Money on YouTube Just Got Harder

If you want to get rich quick with YouTube, invest in Google stock! Many think I jest, but with the recent changes to the...

Bots are Ruining the Internet

Not all of the responses the world gives to your content are real. Follow bots, comment bots and other bot tools are affecting how...

Fighting the Adpocalypse with Ads Targeting Adults

The Adpocalypse is upon us and few are righteous enough to survive the horror that is demonetization. Creators are being forced to choose between...

Why the Adpocalypse May Bring Us Better Content in the Long...

Ad revenue really is gone, but I hate ads anyway.I hate advertisements. Which sucks, because a lot of really awesome creative people are supported by...

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