The new culture of live video is here to stay

To those of us who live on the internet live streaming video is nothing new. Yet for the majority of society — certainly for...

Making Money and Finding a Place for Yourself on YouNow

With the ever changing landscape of social outlets available for self expression, it’s difficult to choose the exact right one to use to show...

YouTube as a hobby

We talk a lot about YouTube as potential path to self-employment and independence, and for good reason. With little more than a smartphone and...

How YouTube guidelines changed in 2020

YouTube is an incredible platform for video creators, enabling them to reach a far larger audience than they ever thought possible, as well as...

An overlooked factor in YouTube success: good writing

Good writing is one of the most important elements of a successful video, yet many YouTubers get this wrong.

If Your Channel Relies on Advertising Revenue Alone, Proceed With Caution

#youtubeisoverpartyThe advertising industry is a fickle beast. While we as content creators like to think of ourselves as servants of our audience, they’re often...

GIFs are Improving Modern Language. Here’s How.

Early uses of animated GIFs online were mainly for decoration. Web designers unironically plastered their sites with tacky, digital animations seemingly in a competition...

Digital sharecropping

After the American Civil War, southern states turned to sharecropping to regain some of the profits they lost after the abolition of slavery. Sharecropping is...

Why the Adpocalypse May Bring Us Better Content in the Long...

Ad revenue really is gone, but I hate ads anyway.I hate advertisements. Which sucks, because a lot of really awesome creative people are supported by...

Logan Paul is Doomed to Be a Maverick Forever

Comments sections are full of speculation about YouTube’s apparent preferential treatment towards Logan Paul. Many have postulated that Logan is a cash cow, a...


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