Monday, January 18, 2021
Ninja helped propel Fortnite to the top of the gaming charts.

Missteps in the evolution of performative gaming: Outpost Games’ SOS

The gaming community, and streamers in particular, have more influence than ever when it comes to game development — both over individual titles ...
Creator Handbook on Red

YouTuber Magazine is now Creator Handbook

When we started YouTuber Magazine, we knew that our scope would eventually expand beyond creating content only for YouTube. That's why YouTuber Magazine has a new name: Creator Handbook.

Making Money and Finding a Place for Yourself on YouNow

With the ever changing landscape of social outlets available for self expression, it’s difficult to choose the exact right one to use to show...

The Problem of Authenticity for the YouTube Creator

“Be yourself” has become the mantra of YouTube creators everywhere — but what does that actually mean? In 2017, Savannah Brown’s channel went dark. This young adult had...

YouTube’s Celebrity Takeover

Celebrities coming to YouTube is hurting small creators. And YouTube knows it.

Making Money on YouTube Just Got Harder

If you want to get rich quick with YouTube, invest in Google stock! Many think I jest, but with the recent changes to the...

Opinions and Accountability as YouTube Grows Up

YouTube continues to showcase the daily lives of countless creators who openly share their beliefs and opinions with millions of viewers. But what happens...

PewDiePie: Artist for Our Times

#istandwithpewdiepieThis isn’t just about Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg. This is about how certain publications have manufactured outrage over what should rightfully be classified as an...
computer with youtube open next to a stack of books on a desk

YouTube vs. Books: Can video compete with text for self-education?

With the proliferation of educational content on YouTube, will written resources eventually become extinct? Let's dig into the YouTube vs. Books debate.

Why Your YouTube Channel Needs an Offline Presence, Stat

Instead of relying solely on digital platforms for building brands, content creators need to expand beyond these online outlets into the real world if...

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