Unboxing videos are a great way for you to share a product while engaging with your channel’s audience. If you’ve ever considered recording a few unboxing videos of your own, or if you just want to learn more about these kinds of videos, you’re in the right place.

What are unboxing videos?

As it sounds, unboxing videos follow a person or group of people recording their experience opening packages, typically containing either technology, toys and gear. They narrate their experience as well and some give initial impressions and reviews of the product. Some unboxing videos are focused on reviewing the product, while others might be creators for promotion or solely entertainment.

Who does unboxing videos?

One of the most popular unboxing channels on YouTube is Unbox Therapy.

Produced by Lewis George Hilsenteger and Jack McCann, the channel has over 17.5 million subscribers. Hilsenteger started the channel because he really enjoyed watching unboxing videos. With the channel, Hilsenteger looks to share his experience and pleasure opening new technologies without having to spend money to do so.

The shared experience Hilsenteger has with his audience is one of the key reasons why his channel is so successful. Unboxing new things is exciting for both creators and viewers. Everyone experiences the excitement of seeing what’s in the box together.

Unbox Therapy
Image courtesy: Unbox Therapy

Marques Brownlee is another huge influencer in the unboxing genre. Brownlee is considered one of the most trusted and influential content creators on the internet. Many companies send him products to review because they know his opinion is highly valued. At the same time, his first impressions are always honest and very informative for viewers.

Ryan’s World is another huge channel in the unboxing genre. The channel follows Ryan Kaji as he unboxes new toys. The channel is highly influential, having over 27 million subscribers. When it comes to toy unboxing, Ryan’s World is usually at the top of the list.

Why should you do unboxing videos?

You will make a connection with your audience

The anticipation of receiving and opening a package or gift is something that we have all felt. Sharing this experience with your viewers in a video allows you to share an experience we all know and love. Take a look at Pokemon card opening channels. Creators and their viewers all share the same love for purchasing and opening Pokemon cards. For many, it’s nostalgic, and sharing that feeling together will create a stronger bond. Viewers will want to keep spending time with you and value your thoughts on what you’re unboxing.

You could get brands interested in sponsoring your videos

The majority of people that watch unboxing videos are looking for information about the product. Unboxing videos often help them decide if they want to purchase the item or not.

According to Google, about 57% of the respondents used YouTube to find information before purchasing an electronic. Consumers go to creators because they value their honest opinions.

Brands know this and will likely want to sponsor your videos. You may get offers from companies to review their products because they know that any positive things you might say will influence your audience. Sometimes you may get to keep the product they send. Also, companies related to the kind of products you unbox might want to advertise on your videos. For instance, companies like Honey may want to advertise on product videos to offer viewers coupons.

Recording your unboxings

Unboxing videos can help creators make a stronger bond with their audiences. There’s no single way to make an unboxing video; you just need a camera and something to unbox. Next time you unbox something, try to film it. Don’t feel like you have to perform for the camera. People will value your honest thoughts and feelings about the experience and product.