YouTube Theater

Why you should care about YouTube’s new theater

YouTube’s new LA venue, YouTube Theater, is just about done with construction. Once completed, the venue will be open to creator ILR events.
Amazon acquires Art19

Amazon enters the podcast war after acquiring Art19

Amazon announced it has acquired podcast hosting and ad sales company Art19 — making the platform competitive against Spotify and Apple.
Snap signs with Universal Music Group (UMG)

Snap signs deal with UMG — takes aim at TikTok

Snap signed a multi-year deal with Universal Music Group (UMG), allowing creators to use music from UMG-signed artists.
YouTube is privating old, Unlisted videos

YouTube will set old, Unlisted videos to Private

YouTube will soon set all Unlisted videos uploaded before 2017 to Private. However, YouTube’s giving creators a few options to respond.
Twitter monetization

Twitter introduces two new ways to monetize

Twitter revealed two new monetization tools, Super Follows and Ticketed Spaces — Twitter's answer to platforms like Patreon and Clubhouse.

YouTube wins a major case in the EU

The highest court in the European Union ruled YouTube, and other online platforms, are not liable for videos that infringe on copyright.
Facebook announces Live Audio Room

Live Audio Room: Facebook’s new live audio tool

Facebook released its new Live Audio Rooms live audio tool in the US this week with many new features to host a live audio broadcast
Facebook Fan Groups

Facebook Fan Groups make it easy for fans to get engaged

Facebook is making it easier for creators to get their community members engaged with a type of group: Fan Groups.

How Facebook’s new musician program helps creators

Facebook announced its Independent Artist Program — a program that will add many new indie musicians to its free creator library.
VidCon 2021

TikTok is now the new title sponsor of VidCon

After being the title sponsor of VidCon for nearly a decade, YouTube is handing over the reins to TikTok and stepping back.