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TikTok deal gives access to huge music selection

A new TikTok-Merlin licensing deal gives the platform and its access to a huge indie music selection, helping creators make videos. Recently, TikTok signed...
Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson loses monetization on all channels

Shane Dawson has been hit with controversy that could be career-ending. YouTube has suspended monetization on all three of Shane Dawson’s channels.
Facebook Creator Studio now can test video performance before posting

Creator Studio now tests video post performance

Facebook is releasing a new Creator Studio tool that allows creators to test different versions of the same video to see which has the best performance.

Fortnite YouTuber Ryft hits 1 Million in a Year

Ryft — a 17-year-old Fortnite expert on YouTube — recently hit 1 million subscribers. On YouTube, there is an endless amount of Fortnite related...

YouTube wins a major case in the EU

The highest court in the European Union ruled YouTube, and other online platforms, are not liable for videos that infringe on copyright.

xQc is furious over ban for streaming the Olympics

Popular Twitch streamer xQc was banned for watching a clip of the Olympics live on his stream. The streamer argues his ban is unjustified.
YouTube is working on feature to allow creators to sell ad space on videos

YouTube might let you sell ad space on your videos

There’s talk at YouTube headquarters to allow creators to sell ad space on their own videos. It’s an idea that might actually be implemented really soon.
YouTube will let channel owners decide if they want their editors seeing their channels' revenue data

YouTube now can stop editors from seeing revenue

The most recent Creator Inside video has announced that YouTube is working on a way to allow channel creators to prevent their editors from seeing information about revenue.
YouTube app on smartphone

YouTube lowers threshold for channel memberships

YouTube has lowered the threshold to use channel Memberships to creators and channels with 1,000 subscribers.

TikTok rolling out ‘Playlists’ for users to organize content

Tiktok recently launched a new feature for popular creators and businesses to group similar videos together. ‘Playlists’ will be a center of creators to organize their videos into separate series-like folders.


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