Wednesday, June 16, 2021
TikTok in talks with US about alternatives to selling its US assets

TikTok is in talks with the US to avoid selling its...

Reportedly, TikTok’s parent company Bytedance is in talks with the US government about alternative ways to avoid selling its U

Noah Beck goes to AwesomenessTV

Noah Beck found fame on TikTok in months after joining in July 2020. He has 23.8 million followers on the app and growing. Beck's...
New Twitch Emotes

Twitch just unveiled two new types of emotes

Twitch is releasing two new types of Emotes users can use. Additionally, the livestreaming platform is rolling out a new Emote library.
Instagram removes IGTV shortcut button on its flagship app

IGTV continues to underperform

Instagram is scaling back the accessibility of IGTV. Instagram is removing a shortcut button on its flagship app that takes users directly to IGTV.

YouTube creators can now use auto-generated replies

Google developed a new technology that auto-generates comment replies for YouTube creators. It will help creators to reply to comments much quicker and consistently. According...
YouTube updates retention analytics

YouTube revised retention analytics with key moments

After this much-needed update, creators’ audience retention analytics on YouTube will now highlight parts of videos with notable watch patterns.

New audience data available for YouTube creators

YouTube recently updated the data accessible to creators. Now creators see which channels their viewers are watching consistently.  Where to find it The new data...
Music labels are taking advantage of YouTube musicians

Music industry rips off YouTube musicians with aggressive claim tactics

Copyright trolling is a real issue and many music labels are looking to rip off YouTube musicians anyway they can, knowing they won’t be challenged.
YouTube will ban videos with hacked information that could interfere with the election

YouTube is banning videos used to mess with election

YouTube has announced its updating its policies on deceptive videos and other content that’s been made to interfere with the upcoming election.
Periscope is coming to a close next year

Periscope will be shutting down early next year

Twitter announced it’s decided to shut down its livestreaming platform, Periscope, next year in March 2021.