Twitch streamers can now ban viewers from watching their streams featured image

Twitch streamers can now ban viewers from watching their streams

Twitch has announced that streamers will soon be able to block banned users from watching their broadcasts in real time.
Linus Tech Tips

Linus Tech Tips halts all video production

Linus Media Group is halting all production after alleged inaccuracy in videos. The company was also accused of workplace sexual harassment.
YouTube Samples

YouTube Music launches TikTok-style Samples feed

YouTube is rolling out Samples feed — a vertical feed is similar to TikTok, where users are shown 30-second clips of songs and music videos.

Former Twitch executives launched Freshcut: TikTok — but for gaming

Twitch’s former executives have launched a short-form content platform centered around gaming. Will it shave off some users from TikTok?
Ai-generated content on TikTok

TikTok demands you label any realistic AI content

TikTok wants creators to label all realistic AI-generated content. Otherwise, the content will be deleted off the platform.
YouTube's cracking down on phishing links on Shorts feature image

YouTube is cracking down on Shorts phishing links

YouTube announced it's going to make all links in Shorts descriptions, comments and vertical live feeds not clickable.

This YouTuber turned himself into an AI-ran VTuber

The Dutch gamer and YouTuber Jordi Van Den Bussche, aka Kwebbelkop, premiered an AI-ran VTuber of himself called “The Digital Kwebbelkop.”

Creators’ earnings on Patreon are randomly disappearing

Patreon creators earlier this month have noticed their earnings have suddenly vanished. Patreon confirmed what's going on.
VDC is suing MrBeast

VDC, MrBeast’s burger partner, is now suing him for millions

Virtual Dining Concepts (VDC) is suing Donaldson for not complying with contractual obligations, asking for 100 million in damages.
Kai Cenat

Streamer Kai Cenat faces charges after accidentally starting a riot

Popular Twitch streamer and influencer Kai Cenat is facing charges after accidentally starting a riot in New York.