In a nutshell:

  • Be open to affiliate sponsorships, product sponsorships and paid sponsorships to get the attention of YouTube sponsors
  • You can get sponsors by producing good-quality content and having a sizeable community
  • You can also join YouTube BrandConnect or reach out to brands directly

Getting sponsorships on YouTube is one of the main ways content creators monetize their content. They collaborate with brands and promote products and services to their audience. Often, branded content pays more than YouTube ads, making it a primary source of income for many content creators.

Securing sponsors on YouTube takes work. Building partnerships with brands takes time and effort. However, the benefits of landing a partnership are significant.

So, how can you secure sponsorships on YouTube? Let’s delve into it.

What are the types of sponsorships on YouTube?

There are various types of sponsorships that content creators participate in. The most common include:

Affiliate sponsorships

When a content creator becomes an affiliate for a brand, they are given a unique link to the brand’s product or service. Each time someone clicks on the link and makes a purchase, the creator receives a percentage of the sale.

Some brands provide discount codes to creators. Creators earn a commission on sales made using the code, which is based on the amount generated.

Product sponsorships

Product sponsorships involve content creators receiving free products from brands. Brands provide these products at no cost in exchange for the creator promoting them in their content.

Typically, product sponsorships are not monetary, but they can save creators money on gear or products.

Paid sponsorships

Paid sponsorships are brand partnerships where the brand pays a content creator to advertise its product or service. These can be challenging to secure, as they typically require a large, engaged audience that aligns with the brand’s target audience.

MrBeast ad for Honey

How to get sponsors on YouTube

If you want brands to take notice of your channel, there are important factors to consider in order to secure sponsorships.

Identify your niche on YouTube and target relevant sponsors

Relevance is key. It’s important not to approach brands that do not align with your channel’s niche. Your audience, whether large or small, follows you for your content. Stick to your niche and seek out companies with the same target audience. For example, a gaming content creator should approach game publishers about sponsorships, but they probably should think twice about approaching makeup companies.

Make sure your content is sponsor friendly

Making your entire channel sponsor-friendly is a crucial step in securing sponsors. This does not mean censoring everything you do, as some brands have more lenient guidelines than others. However, most brands will avoid channels that violate YouTube’s guidelines. Brand-friendly content typically does not include profanity, violence or discussions on sensitive topics. However, this varies from brand to brand.

Make quality content

Creating high-quality content communicates professionalism and passion to brands. Brands will evaluate both your subscriber count and the content you produce. While most brands do not expect studio-level quality, they do expect your content to be competently made.

High-quality content engages viewers, and brands appreciate this as it increases the likelihood that your audience will try their products when you recommend them. It indicates that your audience trusts you, and in turn, will trust the brands you advertise. This is why it is possible for small content creators to secure sponsorships, even with a smaller audience, as long as the quality of their content is high and they engage their audience well.

Make sure you have a sizable community

Having high-quality YouTube videos is essential, but it may not be sufficient to entice brands to sponsor you. The recommendation is to aim to have a community of at least 1,000 subscribers before reaching out to brands. Once that milestone is reached, continue to grow your audience, and your chances of securing sponsorships will increase. Create engaging content and share it across multiple social media platforms to increase your exposure.

Create a video portfolio and a media kit

Think of this process as if you are searching for a job. Your video portfolio will represent who you are as a content creator and the type of content you create. Create a media kit that provides brands with information about your viewer demographic, how you work, what you expect from brands, how you will accept payment, etc. Make the video unlisted and provide the link to potential sponsors.

Have a video package and include your rates

Prepare a video package with your rates. Keep in mind that rates will vary depending on the type of promotion. For example, consider if you will charge different rates for where the ad is placed within your video. Additionally, adjust your rate based on the complexity of the promotion. Tutorials and reviews take time to create, so charge accordingly. Be as detailed as possible.

Apply to YouTube BrandConnect

To increase your chances of securing sponsors on YouTube, apply to YouTube’s BrandConnect program. It connects selected channels with potential sponsorships. You can find more information about BrandConnect here.

Reach out to brands directly

If you prefer to reach out to brands directly, begin by identifying brands that are relevant to your niche. This will require some research. One effective way to find brands is to examine other sponsored creators within your niche and investigate the brands sponsoring them. Then, reach out to them.

Continue making content

Securing sponsors on YouTube is not a simple task. It requires building relevance with your audience and gaining the trust of brands. Be true to yourself when creating content and work with brands that align with your interests and values.