In a nutshell

  • Your success (or lack thereof) on YouTube is heavily reliant on how well you leverage the platform’s algorithms and recommendations.
  • Getting your videos recommended to your previous viewers is the holy grail that can help you capture the growth you’ve been seeking.
  • Focus on video production and engagement to optimize your standing in YouTube’s algorithms and increase recommendations to past viewers.

With billions of active users and a constant stream of video content, standing out as a creator can be tough. You know your videos are great, but they may not be reaching the right audience. Luckily, there’s a way to gain more exposure on YouTube without constantly producing content: get YouTube to recommend your videos to previous viewers.

In this article, we’ll share tips and tricks for maximizing your reach on YouTube by leveraging its recommendation algorithm. Following these strategies will increase your visibility and attract more eyes to your content.

YouTube’s algorithm, in plain speak

As a YouTuber, it’s important to understand how YouTube’s algorithm works if you want to maximize your reach and channel growth. The algorithm constantly evolves, but some core principles remain.

YouTube’s algorithms aim to present viewers with the most relevant videos based on their viewing history and search activity. The algorithm considers factors such as watch time, engagement and views.

Grasping YouTube’s algorithms ensures your videos reach viewers most likely to watch them, helping your channel grow and achieve your goals.

How YouTube’s recommendation system works

YouTube’s recommendation system relies on a complex algorithm that considers various factors to determine video recommendations. Factors the algorithm assesses include:

  1. User’s watch history
  2. User’s search history
  3. User’s location
  4. User’s age and gender
  5. Video content (title, description, tags)
  6. Video popularity (views, likes, comments)

Based on these factors, the algorithm recommends videos it believes users will find interesting. Recommendations change and evolve as the algorithm learns more about user preferences.

On the production side, to appear in past viewers’ recommendations, create quality content they’ll want to watch. Here are some tips:

  1. Plan content thoughtfully, considering videos your target audience would enjoy and what would help them learn more about your channel or business.
  2. Produce high-quality videos using a good camera and proper lighting for a professional appearance. Even casual content should have a solid script — never underestimate good writing.
  3. Edit your videos meticulously, removing irrelevant footage and ensuring cohesiveness and flow.
  4. Add captions to accommodate viewers watching with the sound off.
  5. Optimize titles, thumbnails and descriptions with catchy, accurate, and keyword-rich language to help users easily find your content.

Following these tips will help you create quality content people want to watch, increasing the likelihood of appearing in past viewers’ recommendations.

On the engagement side

Engagement is crucial when aiming to appear in past viewers’ recommendations. The more viewers engage with your channel through likes, comments and shares, the more YouTube will recommend your content.

Utilize platform tools like playlists, end screens and cards to maintain viewer engagement. Playlists keep your viewers watching, while end screens and cards can promote other videos or channels.

When YouTube presents recommendations, and viewers choose those videos, it improves your standing in the algorithm, increasing recommendations to others.

Additionally, ask viewers for feedback through comments, surveys or video responses, fostering a sense of community that attracts new viewers who then receive more recommendations.

Go forth and create

These tips will help maximize your reach on YouTube and enhance your chances of appearing in recommendations. Produce appealing, high-quality content, improve your videos’ SEO and engage with users through comments. This approach will develop a community around your content, and YouTube’s recommendations to past viewers will keep them coming back for more.