Soon creators will be able to customize their YouTube channels

Soon you’ll be able to customize your YouTube channel

YouTube has dabbled in the idea of letting creators further customize their channels for a while now. However, nothing has come of that, until now.
Twitch Clips are being claimed for using copyrighted music

Twitch will attempt to give creators more control over Clips

Twitch creators have been hit with copyright claims over Clips linked to their channels. Twitch is looking at ways to give creators more control over Clips
There's now a clear guide to YouTube monetization

YouTube releases a transparent guide to monetization

YouTube has released a guide to better breakdown its monetization guidelines. This is the most transparent YouTube has been about its monetization system.
Trump signing bill in 2018

Executive order holds social media companies liable for moderation

US President Donald Trump has signed an executive order that will hold social media companies more liable for moderating content.
IGTV ads

IGTV begins airing ads and sharing revenue with creators

IGTV has made a huge step to take on the likes of YouTube. The video-sharing platform is now running ads alongside creators’ videos and...
YouTube unveils YouTube Select

YouTube is replacing the Google Preferred Ad Program with YouTube Select

YouTube has major plans to swap out its Google Preferred Ad Program with a new program called YouTube Select by the end of this year.
You can now save Instagram live videos to IGTV

You can now save Instagram videos to IGTV

Last week, Instagram has added a new archival feature update to Instagram Live. Now you can save Instagram live videos to IGTV

Creators are testing an IGTV ad-share beta

Instagram confirmed last month it was prototyping ad-share monetization on IGTV. Now, Instagram is contacting emerging creators to test its beta.

KIDS Act threaten unboxing channels on YouTube

A new bill, the KIDS Act, written by two democratic senators could pose a serious threat to toy unboxing channels on YouTube if it is passed.
SXSW canceled

SXSW canceled: coronavirus is to blame

Sad new: SXSW is canceled this year due to high-profile companies dropping from attendance due to fears of spreading the coronavirus.


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