Introduction innovation

JOBY takes a big step into the audio for video offerings with five new additions to its Wavo microphone line. These video-centric microphones are for all storytellers, filmmakers and expert content creators. JOBY tailored their design to help you capture the best audio for video.

Stepping up your audio’s quality

A good-looking video with poor audio isn’t a good video. It’s not easy to watch a video with terrible audio. Every great video needs to have great audio. That’s where the new Wavo microphones from JOBY come in. These five new mics — including an all-new shotgun, lavalier and wireless mic — are made for capturing clear, crisp audio. The JOBY Wavo PRO shotgun mic is for best-in-class audio quality and maximum customizability. Additionally, the wireless JOBY Wavo AIR mic and streaming/podcast JOBY Wavo POD mic are easy to use and are plug and play.


The JOBY Wavo PRO is a professional, on-camera shotgun microphone with an hybrid analog/digital system. The Wavo PRO provides visual feedback with LEDs on its front and back, providing real-time monitoring no matter the orientation. This unique feature — currently only offered by the Wavo PRO — makes the mic ideal for vlogging.

With its digital sound management app for iOS and Android, you can connect via Bluetooth for real-time, remote visual monitoring of sound input. Plus, it has an independent dual-mode EQ that allows you to make custom sounds that you can share with others. 

More than just an on-camera shotgun mic, the Wavo PRO also has a secondary mic input. The mic features a safety track mode, which routes a duplicate main mic signal at -10 dB to one of the mic’s channels. Moreover, the Wavo PRO’s auto power mode turns the mic on and off with your camera, alleviating unnecessary power consumption when not in use and increasing readiness for dynamic shooting.


Moving on to the JOBY Wavo PRO DS, this microphone is a streamlined version of the Wavo PRO. It has a pro-grade acoustic engine; however, it sheds a few select features. In exchange, you get a high-quality microphone that keeps its operation simple and its performance smooth.

The Wavo PRO DS features a simple user interface with integrated LEDs to indicate battery and audio levels. Plus, its high-pass filter averts unwanted, low frequencies. Additionally, the mic’s onboard safe track for mono-channel or dual-channel recording offers up to +20 dB output gain adjustment. 


JOBY’s Wavo Lav PRO is a pro-grade lavalier capsule with a 2.5-meter-long, high-quality cable. The Wave Lav Pro’s length makes setting up easier, even in challenging situations. Also, the cable is soft, negating annoying noise caused by vibrations. Its pro-grade capsule makes it easy to conceal, and its durable aluminum mounting clip keeps it locked into position. The Wavo Lav PRO has a 3.5 mm TRS connector, allowing it to work with Wavo PRO wireless packs, transmitters like Wavo AIR or a camera.


The JOBY Wavo AIR, a 2.4 GHz wireless mic system, is for creators on the go, like vloggers, fitness influencers, food bloggers and interviewers. It’s great for situations when you need some distance between the camera and subject. With a lightweight, pocketable form factor, the Wavo AIR offers hands-free audio capture with a unique, JOBY-designed mounting system to bring that wireless freedom to the next level. This system can go from a magnetic mount lanyard to a belt clip to a cold shoe mount to a GorillaPod leg clip. It’s compatible out of the box with smartphones and cameras using TRS and TRRS cables and two transmitters for interviews. It supports long-range wireless capture, letting you record from up to 50 m (164 ft).


Storytellers, podcasters, streamers and voice actors looking for a zero-latency USB mic should seriously consider the JOBY Wavo POD. The Wavo POD operates off of one central knob. This knob control manages it all: microphone gain, the headphone monitoring volume and mute control. Also, its 3.5 mm headphone jack offers zero-latency headphone monitoring. The Wavo POD includes a JOBY-designed pop filter — made to remove voice plosives and deliver high-quality broadcast sound.

With plug and play support, you can connect the Wavo POD to laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones via USB Type-C. The microphone has two 1/4-20 mounts on either side of its stand, making it simple to attach accessories like a JOBY GorillaPod or boom arm. Plus, it has a detachable base and U-bracket that can connect to a boom arm.

Good audio makes your video better

Regardless of what microphone you need for your next video, keep JOBY’s Wavo mics in mind. With these mics, you can upgrade your next video project’s audio to a whole new level. Click here to learn more about JOBY and these new Wavo mics.