Why do it in post when you can do it all...

This post is brought to you by DataVideo and the SE-650. Learn more on DataVideo’s website. How do you create your YouTube videos? There are...

How to collaborate on a video remotely

While many aspects will remain the same, now is an excellent time to learn to make adjustments to your typical workflow to allow remote teamwork.

JOBY releases an innovative set of mics that will transform your...

microphones are for all storytellers, filmmakers and expert content creators. JOBY tailored their design to help you capture the best audio for video.

How to define why you want a YouTube channel

Running a successful YouTube channel requires a lot of effort. It’s important to know why you are doing it and what you hope to achieve.

Everything content creators need in a professional monitor

As a content creator, your videos will be viewed by your audience on a range of screens including computers, tablets and phones.

Getting more from your smartphone – 5 ways to improve your...

re professional-level video. How you construct your shot and the gear you use now determines the quality of the video you shoot on your smartphone.

How to be comfortable in front of a camera

We’ve all heard of some live television blunder or misspeak which is so hilarious that it’s retold over and over for a good laugh....

FILMPAC’s Education Program Provides Learning Resources for Aspiring Filmmakers

This post is brought to you by FILMPAC. To learn more, visit For someone learning video production, getting hands-on experience with professional video clips...

Everyone has a story to film

Sharing our stories is a critical aspect of being human. In short, it’s one of the most important legacies we can leave for future...

The top video collaboration tools you should consider

The current global pandemic has put a spotlight on collaborative working tools as the members of post production teams are required to work remotely...


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