Facebook Creator Studio on mobile

Facebook Creator Studio gets mobile companion app

Facebook has announced it is released a mobile version of Creator Studio. It’s been long requested from content creators and now they’re getting it.
Neebs Gaming

Neebs Gaming was hacked by scammers

Another channel on YouTube has fallen victim to hackers. This time it’s Neebs Gaming and they were hijacked by cryptocurrency scammers over the weekend.
YouTube monetization

YouTube tests Viewer Applause monetization feature

YouTube is currently testing a Viewer Applause feature that would allow viewers to donate to creators.
AI app tracking face

YouTube demands AI app to stop collecting facial data

Google and YouTube have just sent a cease-and-desist letter to Clearview AI, demanding the app to stop collecting facial data of people on their platforms.

Scam results in YouTube creator losing his channel

Kennis Russell, who used to own a YouTube channel with over 50K subs, lost his enitre channel because he fell victim to a sponsor scam.

Byte will give partnered creators all of its ad revenue

The spirit successor to Vine, Byte, has revealed new details about its partner program. This program will allow creators to make money on the platform.

Byte, Vine’s successor, smashes U.S app store charts

Byte, the spiritual successor to Vine, is off to an impressive start. In this short time, it’s sitting at the top of app store charts.
TikTok logo

TikTok deal gives access to huge music selection

A new TikTok-Merlin licensing deal gives the platform and its access to a huge indie music selection, helping creators make videos. Recently, TikTok signed...
Instagram removes IGTV shortcut button on its flagship app

IGTV continues to underperform

Instagram is scaling back the accessibility of IGTV. Instagram is removing a shortcut button on its flagship app that takes users directly to IGTV.
YouTube updates Creator Studio and YouTube Dashboard

You can now upload, go live on YouTube Dashboard

Recently, YouTube revealed a few new updates to YouTube Studio and YouTube Dashboard. Those updates include a new ‘Restrictions’ column.