YouTube Instruction by Design: Using Instructional Design to Make More Effective...

Perhaps you’ve had this experience: You want to learn something, so you go to YouTube. You find a likely video and start...

A Different Approach to Getting Views for Your Educational YouTube Channel

As one of the biggest search engines on the internet, YouTube is the first place many people go to if they need to learn...

Guide: Free Learning Resources

A Guide for Video Creators We’ve all enjoyed the fruits of prevailing freemium business models practiced by online sellers and providers. Having shed free trials and...

How the Best Educational Channels Trick You into Learning

Learning new things can be one of the greatest joys life has to offer. Our world is endlessly fascinating. Fields of science, philosophy, history,...
florist woman smiling with flowers orchids

How to make a successful educational video series

With so much interest in easy access learning through online platforms and a vast potential audience eager for more, a video course makes a...
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Instructional videos: Designing concise content

Once you identify your unique teaching topic, you will need to produce instructional videos that keep the interest of your viewers.

How to get that overhead shot for your tutorial videos

No matter your niche, understanding how to get that perfect overhead shot is indispensable knowledge for your creative toolkit.

How WheezyWaiter uses expert interviews to make better educational videos

You may think you need to be an expert in your subject area before you can make an educational video. But in reality, all you need is curiosity and some expert insight. Here’s how WheezyWaiter helps us all learn something new together.

Scripting an educational video: What’s the objective?

Video producers don’t need to be good writers because they only need to communicate visually, right? Wrong. Successful content creators need to be competent...

5-Minute Crafts: fun hacks and how-tos

If you have ever googled "how to fix a hole in my sweater" and subsequently scrolled your social media feed, you have probably seen...


How to Make a Viral Video

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