In a nutshell

  • Having a consistent posting schedule will help grow your audience and keep your current audience watching.
  • To keep growing your subscriber count, you need to adapt your strategies to accommodate for changes in trends and platform updates.
  • Consider dubbing or adding subtitles to your videos in various languages to reach new international viewer bases.

The creator’s YouTube subscriber count is more than a number. It’s a testament to their influence and success. Among the millions of YouTube channels, T-Series, MrBeast and Cocomelon currently take the top three spots of most-subscribed on the platform. Though there are some similarities in strategy, they interestingly all have their own journeys that got them to their current-day success.

Let’s take a look at each of them and see what we can learn from their success.


T-Series, a juggernaut in the Indian music and film industry, initially capitalized on Bollywood’s massive appeal. It started in the 1980s selling cassette tapes of Hindu hymns and Bollywood music, eventually transitioning to producing music for movies and selling cellular ringtones of these songs. They then launched their YouTube channel in 2011.

Recognizing the digital shift, they embraced YouTube to distribute their vast library of music and film content. Their strategy is to diversify content across multiple channels, catering to varied tastes and leveraging India’s increasingly large internet population. It’s important to note that India’s population of 1.7 billion makes it the second-largest market after China. Over time, T-Series became a household name by capitalizing on the music-heavy Bollywood film industry, a pillar of entertainment in India.


Image courtesy: MrBeast

MrBeast (also known as Jimmy Donaldson) began his YouTube career with gaming and reaction videos. However, his channel soared in popularity when he shifted focus to producing videos with reality show-like challenges, philanthropic acts and record-setting giveaways.

MrBeast does a lot of things right that help him continuously grow, including:

  • Creating multilingual content across language-specific channels to attract a global audience
  • Creating universally appealing videos
  • Maintaining a consistent and frequent upload schedule
  • Expanding his presence beyond YouTube to platforms like TikTok and Instagram
  • Collaborating with celebrities that increase his reach

MrBeast’s channel is an example of creating content that reaches and caters to a wide array of audiences. His unique approach has not only garnered him a massive amount of YouTube subscribers but also shows how content can be leveraged for social good.


Cocomelon is a children-entertainment-focused channel that began as a simple venture into children’s educational content in 2007. Over time, it has mastered the art of creating content that resonates with young children (and their parents). Their consistent output of high-quality, engaging and educational videos has made them a go-to source for children’s entertainment. This has led to rapid growth in the channel’s subscriber count.

Cocomelon’s strategy involves minimal advertising spend, instead relying on organic web traffic through strong content and SEO. Cocomelon’s long-form content, averaging over 20 minutes, also aligns with parents’ needs for sustained, engaging material for their children. Their brand reach and awareness is also undeniable, partly thanks to their shift to platforms like YouTube Kids and Netflix.

What are some similarities between these channels?


Consistent content keeps your audience engaged and helps in building loyal YouTube subscribers. All three channels are testaments to this, with MrBeast posting weekly and up to multiple times a day for T-Series. The right post frequency depends on the kind of content you make and the amount of help you have. This includes editors, camera assistants, platform managers, etc. Be realistic with the time you have, but posting at least once a week is a good goal to aspire to.

Multilingual content

Though many users on YouTube speak English, you’re limiting your reach if you don’t offer non-English-speaking viewers a way to enjoy your content. T-Series, for instance, produces songs and movies in various Indian languages. MrBeast took this a step further by dubbing his videos in over 15 languages so viewers worldwide can enjoy his content. Cocomelon also caters to different languages, one example being its “CoComelon en Español” channel. This approach significantly increases your channel’s reach internationally.

Adapting to changes

What’s worked in the past for growing your audience may not be the best way today. This is why staying on top of platform changes and trends is important. For example, embracing new platform features like YouTube Shorts has proven beneficial for each of these creators. Leveraging YouTube Shorts and other short-form platforms like TikTok allow creators to cater to changing viewer preferences and reach a broader audience. This adaptability ensures that the channels stay ahead in a competitive environment. For example, MrBeast is constantly trying new approaches for his content. He even tested whether his video thumbnails perform better with an open or closed mouth and found out that a closed mouth performed better, despite conventional knowledge.

Learn and thrive

T-Series, MrBeast and Cocomelon’s success shows that there’s no surefire way to gain such success that works for all. Though there’s some overlap in the strategies they use, creators should first think about:

  • The content they’re most passionate about
  • The value they can bring to viewers
  • What works for the top creators in their niche

Once you have that figured out, come up with a strategy that incorporates some of the actions taken by the greats. This should include a consistent filming and posting schedule, as well as ways you can spread your content beyond your YouTube subscribers. If interested in learning more, MrBeast himself gives more tips for creators here.

Feature image courtesy: MrBeast