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For someone learning video production, getting hands-on experience with professional video clips is a luxury not afforded to everyone. But FILMPAC wants to change this. For the cost of a used textbook, FILMPAC provides a library of stock footage that inspires students and gives instructors an unmatched resource to help students develop into tomorrow’s film community leaders.

FILMPAC founder Caleb Rexius says ”I personally would have absolutely loved to have [this] early on in my journey — and I think it would have made me a better editor and cinematographer.” Students benefit but so do their instructors, who are given free access to the footage to incorporate into their curriculum.

All of FILMPAC’s footage is 4K and packaged into themes that can be used together for complete videos. FILMPAC founder Caleb Rexius says he’s excited to give students and instructors “the ability to use 4K footage shot by professional cinematographers as a learning tool.” When talking about his use of FILMPAC’s education program, Tom Leach, an instructor at Loyola Marymount University in California, said “as a film school educator, having a full cinematic collection of FILMPAC footage available to educate my students is a game changer!”

Tom took advantage of the program to bring value and resources to his students, saying “My students are using these 4K assets to make projects look 10x their budget.”

How it Works

When an instructor signs up for the education program, they’re given free access to footage to incorporate into their curriculum. Students license the footage for $99 per student. However, FILMPAC offers a 50% discount to students who register through their instructor. Although the license is not for commercial use, students can use the footage in their portfolios. When speaking about what FILMPAC offers to his students Tom said “Having a high-quality portfolio is the first step in landing meaningful job opportunities.”

The FILMPAC Student License offers 24 themed pacs and over 1,500 4K (UHD) clips. This gives students professional footage to learn storytelling, grading, composition, location scouting, blocking actors and everything in between. FILMPAC aims to help the students of today become the filmmakers of tomorrow. This hit home for Tom Leach. “My students are thrilled to spend less time worrying about production elements and more time crafting a great story.”

It’s FILMPAC’s goal to offer students cinematic stock footage clips that don’t look stock. Moreover, for teachers or students learning how to grade, the footage is delivered graded and ungraded (log), and they are instantly downloadable.

FILMPAC hopes students find their education program to be affordable, dynamic and full of contemporary video clips. “Now that I’m mentoring aspiring filmmakers myself, I get to see what an amazing tool this really can be,” says Rexius.

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