Expanding Your Beauty Channel

There comes a time in the life of every YouTube creator where the old tricks and tips just don’t cut it anymore. Despite the...

Beauty Beyond Makeup: Producing a Makeup Tutorial

For an effective makeup tutorial, solid techniques for scripting, setting, lighting and shooting are just as important as cleaning eyeshadow brushes. Here’s a few...

Learning from Michelle Phan’s YouTube journey

Michelle Phan is a pioneer in the beauty community and beyond. Her success blazed a trail for a generation of creators. What can we learn from her rise to fame, her hiatus from YouTube and her eventual return?

How to monetize your YouTube beauty channel

The beauty industry is one of the most monetized niches on YouTube. The question is, how to make money with your YouTube beauty channel?

Doing The Most: An Interview with Bretman Rock

With 4 million YouTube subscribers, and 10 million followers on Instagram, Bretman Rock has experienced intense amounts of social media growth in just four...

Safiya Nygaard and her unique approach to fashion on YouTube

How many times have you scrolled past an ad on social media and wondered, "Is that $1 makeup is actually worth it?" Well, Safiya...

Growing a beauty channel while staying out of drama

The big blemish on the face of the online beauty community is the drama that often comes along with it. In a highly competitive industry run by designer divas, it’s not much of a surprise. Fortunately, it’s still possible to have a successful beauty channel while staying out of the drama. We’ll show you how others are putting out consistent videos and growing their audience without getting tangled up in the trash-talking.

A Beginner’s Guide to Consumer Advocacy for Beauty Vloggers

In the way of new media, the term became a running joke on Twitter almost as quickly as the assured headlines rolled in. From...

The YouTube beauty genre: an incomplete history

It may feel silly to survey the history of a website that's only around fourteen years old. However, the beauty genre of YouTube has...

How Beauty and Lifestyle Vlogger Jeanine Amapola Gets Things Done

Beauty and lifestyle vlogger Jeanine Amapola explains the exact steps and tools she uses to create videos, which have so far garnered her over...



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