Cosmetic Cacophony: What To Do Next?

In the realm of beauty, one glossy pigment can be an eyeshadow, lip balm, blush, highlighter — the list goes on. With so many possibilities for...

OOTD Sans Cliche: How to Make Original Styling Videos

Were you one of those kids who picked out the next day’s clothing the night before? Or did you assemble yourself 10 minutes before...

Defining Beauty Online

Beauty standards, and the representations thereof, have been shaped by greed and prejudice for centuries longer than any of us have been blotting lipstick....

How to Improve Your On-Camera Performance as a Cosmetics Vlogger

Messy vanity counter? Liquid lipstick stuck under your nails? At a loss for words, or clean brushes? Blend away any problems with your makeup...

Cause and VFX

Makeup is most often used in the pursuit of beauty, but VFX makeup has a completely different aim.Prospero’s older sister asks me to look...

Expanding Your Beauty Channel

There comes a time in the life of every YouTube creator where the old tricks and tips just don’t cut it anymore. Despite the...

The YouTube beauty genre: an incomplete history

It may feel silly to survey the history of a website that's only around fourteen years old. However, the beauty genre of YouTube has...

Learning from Michelle Phan’s YouTube journey

Michelle Phan is a pioneer in the beauty community and beyond. Her success blazed a trail for a generation of creators. What can we learn from her rise to fame, her hiatus from YouTube and her eventual return?
Colorful abstract image of a person and social media logos to represent

TeaSpill – How to run a “gossip” channel

In the world of YouTube, beauty gurus are the celebrities and tea channels are paparazzi. And they are definitely spilling the tea.

Safiya Nygaard and her unique approach to fashion on YouTube

How many times have you scrolled past an ad on social media and wondered, "Is that $1 makeup is actually worth it?" Well, Safiya...



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