An interview with Julie Nolke

Welcome to our first Creator Handbook video interview! Our managing editor Haley chats with Julie Nolke, a writer, actor and comedian that runs her...

How MacDoesIt uses comedy to break open real conversations on YouTube

Machaizelli Kahey, also known as MacDoesIt, describes his YouTube channel as "a cross between 'intelligently funny' and 'an organized hot mess.'" And honestly, that pretty well sums up what you'll encounter.

Jessica Kellgren-Fozard: YouTube’s gay disabled sweetheart

Jessica Kellgren-Fozard is quick to charm any viewer with her welcoming personality, bubbly British accent and vintage aesthetic. Underneath is only more to love—a biting wit, a passion for fighting for the underdog and an incredible ability to educate viewers on anything from LGBTQ+ history to living as a deaf person with many chronic illnesses.
YouTuber Bailey Sarian

Bailey Sarian: YouTube’s murder mystery, makeup maven

Do you like watching makeup videos on YouTube? Are you a fan of murder mysteries and true crime? What about both? If you answered...

Breaking beauty barriers: an interview with MissDarcei

In the world of makeup and beauty, more and more brands are embracing and promoting inclusivity. For many years, makeup brands only offered limited...

Success is skin deep – an Interview with Hyram

Since YouTube’s inception in 2006, one of the fastest-growing genres of video content is in the beauty category. An estimated 50 million people watch more than...

Comedy, Community and Survival: a Conversation With Neebs Gaming

There’s no shortage of gaming creators on YouTube. In order to truly stand out, you have to do something unique and special. Neebs Gaming...

Koalipops and the ingredients to YouTube success: An interview with JK...

If you’ve ever found yourself trying to make a creative cake for a celebration — or have stumbled down the internet rabbit hole of...

LGR brings retro gaming and tech to life on YouTube

Clint Basinger of LGR (short for Lazy Game Reviews) is a dynamic Youtuber with not only one, but three successful Youtube channels. Clint's flagship,...

Cherry Wallis: The magic behind YouTube’s Harry Potter whiz

Cherry Wallis has amassed over half a million subscribers, 54 million views, and a Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award — all for her Harry Potter content.


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