As Twitch rivals are gaining momentum for offering higher revenue split and signing big streamers, the platform has been making changes to appease its community. However, those changes did not exactly work as intended. 

For instance, its condition on the 70/30 split and ban on multistreaming was not received well by the community and encouraged other streamers to move elsewhere. Although Twitch has been adding more features such as Hype Chat and TikTok-like clip feed to make up for the debacles, there is one feature it’s removing: Community Moments. 

Why is Twitch removing Community Moments?

Community moments are a way to reward the audience who were part of a special moment on stream. These special moments, or clips, when generated by the streamer, would give the viewers a special badge. The commemorative badge is only available to select streamers.

However, Twitch announced on X that it is dumping Community Moments. According to Twitch, “We’ve made the decision to shut down the Community Moments beta on October 5, 2023 due to limited use from the Twitch community. This will allow us to focus on developing features that bring value to more streamers and their communities in the future.”

Twitch added that the clips made and the badges received would not go away, but streamers won’t be able to make Moments anymore. Streamers spoke out against the decision. According to many streamers, if only Twitch made the feature available to more users, then more of them would have used it. Some streamers say they love using the feature to connect more with their audience; the feature just needs to be accessed by more users. It’s not clear if Twitch will push through with its removal or listen to its community and make the feature accessible to all.