Twitch has announced Partner Plus, a program that gives streamers their 70% share of net subscription revenue as long as they meet the criteria.

According to Twitch, streamers will benefit from the 70 / 30 revenue split up to $100K for 12 months if they maintain “350 recurring paid subscriptions for three consecutive months.” Once qualified, Twitch Partners will be enrolled for the next 12 months. That’s regardless if the 350 recurring paid subs decreased or not. 

The new Partner Plus will launch on October 1, 2023. Those who are qualified for the months of July, August and September are automatically enrolled in October. Twitch added that after earning $100K from sub revenues, the split would revert to 50 / 50. It’s also worth noting that free subs given to Amazon Prime members are not included in the qualification. 

Streamers have been calling for a 70 / 30 revenue split

Since the switch to the 50 / 50 split, Twitch’s community has been speaking out. Last September, Twitch announced that the top streamers on a 70 / 30 split would revert to 50 / 50 after getting their first $100K. As a result, this would ultimately force streamers to run more ads. The community unanimously opposed this change. However, Twitch refused to roll back its plans. For example, Twitch also declined a suggestion on Twitch UserVoice forum that called for a change in payout split in favor of streamers. 

Just like the Branded Content debacle, this new announcement was not received well by the community as the most affected are the minorities and streamers who just started. Not all streamers have the capacity to maintain 350 recurring subs for three months. It’s also quite hard to even get to 350 subs in the first place. As streamer p90princess said in a tweet, “This new program doesn’t help streamers. If you wanted to help streamers, you would offer this to everyone.”