Instagram may be expanding the Reels time limit to 10 minutes. The app currently has a maximum video limit of three minutes, but users might be able to upload a longer video soon. Instagram is internally testing the longer time limits. As per Alessandro Paluzzi’s screenshots posted on X, the prototype has the ability to triple the time limit in Reels. 

Longer Reels for more detailed content

This increase in time limit will rival TikTok and YouTube. TikTok increased its video limit to 10 minutes last year. While YouTube Shorts has a 60-second cap, YouTube welcomes longer content. 

When expansion rolls out in the future, it will give Instagram creators more opportunities to upload detailed videos such as tutorials, reviews and interviews, among others. It’s no surprise that Instagram is testing this feature, as TikTok saw success when it expanded its time limit.

More updates from Instagram

Instagram has more updates for its creators. The company is experimenting with a feature that lets creators highlight a comment. This way, creators can interact more with their audiences. The social network site also announced that users would get a chance to be picked by their favorite creators on the Add Yours sticker feature. The reels would have a creator pick tag that everyone can see. Lastly, users can now add music to their photo carousels, adding more creative elements to the post. 

Would this time limit expansion flop like IGTV?

It seems like Instagram is putting more work into competing with other apps such as TikTok and YouTube. However, it’s worth noting that Instagram launched IGTV five years ago, which is an Instagram app that allows creators to upload longer than 15-minute videos. To focus on Reels, which is an in-app feature in Instagram, IGTV was discontinued in 2022. So, let’s see if longer Reels will be a success.