At TwitchCon Paris last July, Twitch announced it was going to launch a TikTok-like discovery feed, which is a scrollable feed that shows users a personalized mix of clips. According to its post on X, Twitch company is finally testing out the Discovery Feed with select users. 

Twitch gives more control to streamers for their discoverability

Twitch will start with horizontal clips and feature vertical clips as the feed evolves. Clips that are marked as Featured Clips by streamers and editors will be prioritized in the Twitch Discovery Feed along with other popular clips. Streamers can also feature as many clips as they want. According to Twitch, “Discovery surfaces prioritize recent and engaging Featured Clips, so featuring Clips after every stream will give you the best chance of being discovered.”

Early this month, Twitch also rolled out two new Featured Clips shelves for streamers, namely Featured Clips from smaller communities and Recently Featured Clips. Twitch says these new updates are giving more control to streamers on how they want to be discovered on Twitch. Twitch is encouraging its streamers to feature their favorite moments after every stream. Check out this post to learn how to feature clips

Although Twitch is a livestreaming platform know for long-form content, its Discovery Feed is heavily inspired by TikTok. Other platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and even Amazon, have incorporated a vertical scrolling feed. It’s clear that the TikTok format is effective, and the mentioned companies acknowledged that short-form content drives more audience and advertisers to their platforms.

Twitch has historically had a discovery issue. Many small streamers struggle to grow on the platform because, due to how Twitch is structured, viewers are often fed to the most popular streamers. So we’re happy to see Twitch is testing new ways to help streamers grow their presence on the platform. Currently, this new announcement is received well by the community.