When it comes to video-sharing platforms out there, there is no one that quite compares to the powerhouse that is YouTube. Lingering there on the frontline since launching back in 2005, YouTube continues to be the go-to site, hosting over 2 billion registered users searching for a creative space to create and grow. The iconic platform has made many video creators out of average people. What about YouTube competitors? YouTube is not the only place for creative people to shine. Nowadays, hordes of video-sharing platforms are making their stand to satisfy your creative needs. 

YouTube is now just one of the many players in the game. Below are 5 of the top digital platforms out there that are worth experimenting with.


One top YouTube competitor is Vimeo. The website launched back in 2004 and was created by filmmakers Jake Lodwick and Zach Klien. It features high-definition videos and is a place for creative people to showcase expertly created and professional style videos. Vimeo has over 200 million users and about 1.5 million subscribers worldwide. The platform enables you to have more control over the content in terms of personalization and customization. With Vimeo, there are options to use the site for free or users can choose from a variety of premium plans depending on their needs.


If you’re a gamer, you may already know of Twitch. With over 15 million daily active users, the platform has become one of the most talked-about streaming services of 2020. This service combines livestreaming and video games. Founded in 2011 and bought by Amazon in 2014, this digital platform offers a wide range of content to watch including cooking, music, Q&A sessions and the primary driver of traffic—video games. Users can broadcast their gameplay or activity by sharing their screen with their fans and subscribers all over the world. Content on the platform is accessible through multiple devices including PCs, gaming consoles and mobile devices. Like others, Twitch is available for free or users can subscribe to the premium account for $4.99 every month.


Everyone is aware of Instagram, a popular social media space where photos are continuously shared on a daily basis. The platform has roughly 1 billion users worldwide and continues to grow. One can easily take advantage of the many features the app has to offer including IGTV—or Instagram TV. Unlike Instagram, where video posts are condensed to 60 seconds, IGTV allows users to share high-quality videos up to 60-minutes long. Time is relevant when you want to get your voice heard. Users can access this feature through Instagram itself or through a separate app but both are integrated. Anyone can have access to IGTV. You don’t have to be a famous celebrity or a social media star to enjoy it. IGTV is aimed at young users and can be the perfect stepping stone to become a video creator. 


One of the reasons why this Chinese based video-sharing app has become YouTube’s toughest competition is due to its simplicity. You don’t have to be a video expert in order to create videos here. With its smooth editing features and built-in third-party apps such as Adobe Premiere Rush and PicsArt, all one needs is the desire to create. Videos can be from 15 seconds to 60 seconds. It can be a lip-sync or full-on skits. Here, anything is possible. Since quarantine started back in March, TikTok users have grown immensely, and many creators on the platform are seeing a lot of success. With more and more people being stuck at home, there was no better time to join the video-sharing app. TikTok is a strong YouTube competitor.


For the professionals out there looking for a platform to satisfy their needs, look no further than Wistia. A video hosting platform that is exclusively designed to serve companies and businesses alike. Videos can easily be used on websites and can help with marketing, support and sales. Unlike many other video platforms out there, Wistia has no ads. As a professional seeking new clients, you’ll want to create high-quality videos. Pop-up ads appearing in the middle of your marketing video may not come across as professional in a meeting. Wistia also helps professionals who are looking to drive traffic to your websites with their custom video players with features that allow more clicks and more engagement.

Take your pick

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t be. Whether you choose YouTube or one of these YouTube competitors, they all have one thing in common. Connection. They are integrated in some shape or form. No matter which video sharing platform you prefer, and we all have our opinions, there is enough space for everyone. You can have a TikTok and be able to connect your YouTube channel or your Instagram on your homepage. Oh, you’re a gamer too? Let’s connect on Twitch and play games together. Competition is never-ending. There will always be a new service available. YouTube may be a starting point in entertainment and video-sharing, but it’s not the only one people can choose from.


  1. HDR creators beware. While Vimeo and YouTube support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) video exists, this is not so for the other options. At least not as of now. Try a uploading HDR to IG/IGTV and you’ll get some washed out images.

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