YouTube is making big changes to how it operates, with the charge led by Chief Business Officer Mary Ellen Coe. This marks the first major restructure in ten years, with a focus on improving support for creators and making operations more efficient. However, about 100 roles will be removed as part of this shift.

Making creator support more central

Previously, YouTube’s teams that manage content creators were spread out globally. Now, these teams will work under dedicated local leadership in each country. According to YouTube, this change is meant to provide better support by building up strong, country-specific teams.

Bringing music and entertainment teams together

YouTube is also restructuring its music and sports/entertainment teams. All music teams will join forces under global leadership headed by Lyor Cohen. In the same vein, teams from media, sports, film and television will unite as one global team. This cohesive group will concentrate on important initiatives like YouTube TV and the platform’s dedication to NFL Sunday Ticket.

Improving support teams for faster assistance

YouTube’s support staff is being divided into two divisions: one for creators and one for users. The goal of this update is to provide creators with more specialized and expedited support as needed.

These adjustments are being made at YouTube as the platform manages the expansion of its creator community and integrates new features like Shorts and generative AI technology. According to the company, it is important, as Mary Ellen Coe emphasized, to change with the times.

“Our creator base is broadening and diversifying, from our most experienced creators to a new generation of casual creators posting on YouTube for the first time,” Coe said. 

“As the business evolves, we have an even greater need to ensure we’re running the business effectively and meeting the needs of all of our users,” she added.

Supporting those affected by changes

Unfortunately, about 100 jobs are being eliminated. YouTube says those affected will still be able to apply for other YouTube. Tubefilter confirmed that no creators will not lose partner manager support. YouTube pledges to support any people impacted by the layoffs.