The top streaming service, Twitch, declared in December 2023 that it was shutting down its South Korea operations due to the “prohibitively expensive” operating costs. Twitch CEO Dan Clancy disclosed in a blog post that in spite of efforts to cut costs, network fees in Korea were ten times greater than in the majority of other countries. Many Korean streamers, including well-known personalities like HaChubby, expressed fear about their futures in the wake of this decision. However, a group called Neo Paradigm Entertainment (NPE) promised many South Korean streamers that it would them find opportunities in the West and migrate there to keep streaming. However, it’s received some backlash.

What does NPE do?

In January 2024, Neo Paradigm Entertainment entered the scene, aiming to help South Korean Twitch streamers navigate Twitch shutting down in the country. This group promised to help South Korean streamers by offering solutions to the problems caused by Twitch’s departure from the country. According to its website, NPE’s goal is to “connect South & Southeast Asian talent with opportunities in the West” by providing services like marketing, career development, talent representation and visa aid.

Neo Paradigm Entertainment’s plan of action

According to the website, the CEO of NPE acknowledges the challenges Korean streamers experience. With that, the company assured that it would lend its hand to the affected creators. To create a strategy, the organization says it conferred with legal professionals such as immigration and IRS attorneys. The intention is to allow talent impacted by Twitch’s departure to carry on producing on the platform.

NPE’s response to backslash

However, some are skeptical about this strategy, suggesting that Neo Paradigm Entertainment would end up making American accounts for Korean broadcasters.

NPE’s COO, Sanga Yonini, defended the organization’s legality on social media in spite of public criticism. Yonini confirmed in an X/Twitter post that “NPE is LEGIT, yep.” The organization is still expanding its roster, hinting at the possibility of adding more streamers down the road.

The Twitch community will continue to cautiously watch how things develop.