Twitch just announced when and where 2024’s TwitchCon events will happen. The annual gathering will be held in Rotterdam from June 29 to June 30, which marks its debut in the city of the Netherlands. TwitchCon North America 2024 will then be held three months later in San Diego, from September 20 to September 22.

What is TwitchCon

TwitchCon has been a yearly event since 2015. It’s a huge celebration with speeches, talks, meet-and-greets, esports games and a hands-on Creator Camp. After six years, the European edition is back in Rotterdam, while San Diego keeps the party vibes going for TwitchCon North America.

TwitchCon is not leaving

Even with some recent hurdles, like laying off 500 Twitch workers, the platform appears set on keeping TwitchCon a major event. CEO Dan Clancy says TwitchCon is all about cheering for creators who made contributions to the streaming scene, and it seems Twitch is set on continuing that in 2024. Rotterdam is on board for TwitchCon Europe until 2026, and San Diego is sticking with TwitchCon North America until 2028.

“Rotterdam offers an accessible central location for the European community. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for people to come together and we’re excited to announce the multi-year agreement with the venue which will allow us to build on and improve our event year over year,” CEO Dan Clancy shared to everyone.

Tickets are up for grabs in February

Fans can score their tickets in February. If you’re a Twitch user, it’s your chance to dive into this global get-together to meet your favorite streamers. If you’re a Twitch creator, this event will bring streamers together, which is a huge opportunity to connect and collaborate. 

Despite some challenges and more competition, Twitch is upbeat about the future. The company is positive that TwitchCon 2024 will be a blast, bringing together streamers and fans to celebrate creativity, connections and the ever-changing world of livestreaming.

Featured image courtesy: Twitch